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Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Art of Conquest 2 is a role-playing (RPG) and strategy mobile game developed by FARLIGHT. This game features an empire that is on the verge of collapse due to the destruction of the colonized Chronosphere. You need to collect incredible soldiers from different dimensions to restore or create a new era for you. In this Art of Conquest 2 beginners guide, we will discuss how new players can get into the game, and explain how everything works.

Gameplay Overview

Before returning or creating a new era, you need to select the area you want to explore from the available world map, each area has different terrain, some are filled with snow, forests, deserts, and even near volcanoes. If you have chosen, you will be asked to choose one of the four heroes that are useful for leading the war while expanding the territory or fighting invaders.

Each hero has different skills, as well as roles. Some act as Tankers, controllers, DPS (Damage per Second), and weakeners. You can choose according to the role you like or even according to the area you choose, such as the snow area, so you choose Utruk which is Frostbear. Then you can gather the soldiers led by heroes and set the strategy, to attack the enemy and expand the territory.

Introducing the Basics of Art of Conquest 2


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You need to build your territory by building buildings to develop your empires, such as Sawmill, Crystal Mine, Gem Mine, and Mythril Mine which are building products for your material needs. There is a Barrack for recruiting soldiers, a Command Center for increasing the number of deployable troops, and other buildings needed to expand the territory and empire.


Troops Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide
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Troops here are your troops before you do battle. Here there are Heroes that you can use their skills during battle and are accompanied by soldiers with their abilities.


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An alliance is a collection of players who are your allies. This alliance is quite helpful for you while playing the game Art of Conques 2 because you can move your fief onto alliance territory to gain resource bonuses such as gold, wood, gems, crystal, and Mythril, and have several alliances activities. In addition, there is also an Alliance Shop that you can use to buy several items or materials that you can buy every day.


Chapter Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide
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When you complete all the quests in that chapter, you will switch to a different chapter. Each chapter usually has a different story and purpose, some focus on expanding territories, building buildings, and others.

Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Building your Fief

While playing Art of Conquest 2, we recommend building your territory such as production buildings for the sustainability of your resources, military buildings to strengthen your troops, and decorations so that your fief looks beautiful.

Build your Fief Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide
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There is an important thing when you play games that have building structures like Art of Conquest, before you upgrade the Council Chamber to unlock new buildings, and expand your fief which is the main building like Town Hall in the game Clash of Clans, you need to upgrade the small buildings first so that your fief gets stronger and develops, it’s not premature.

Don’t forget to always destroy trees, wood, abandoned houses, devil rock, and others to expand the area so that the object is not blocked and you can get materials such as wood.

2. Understanding the counters for each Faction

faction counter
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There are 4 factions in this Art of Conquest 2 game, namely Imperial, Vaeringian, Arcadian, and Necrovian. These four counter each other. Imperial has an advantage over Vaeringian, Vaeringian has an advantage over Arcadian, Arcadian has an advantage over Necrovian, and Necrovian has an advantage over Imperial. If your faction counters will deal additional 20% damage, it is very beneficial when your power is less than the enemy.

3. Upgrading your Heroes and Soldiers

This upgrade is important when you want to increase your Combat Power, both from your heroes and soldiers. There are special upgrades for abilities and points for each hero or soldier, Upgrade abilities to increase the abilities of these heroes or soldiers, then for these points to increase the statistics of the heroes or soldiers.

heroes and soldiers Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide
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When upgrading stats, we recommend looking at the popular first, because there is a percentage that players usually upgrade, so you can follow the popular version according to the largest percentage. In addition, if you have obtained some equipment, you can use them such as helmets, armor, weapons, and Trinkets. This is useful for making your heroes stronger in terms of stats, but equipment only applies to heroes, and cannot be used on soldiers.

4. Set your Formation and Troops

Before you fight, you should pay attention to the factions and strategies of placing your enemies, that way you can deploy heroes and soldiers in the right place, such as against the imperial faction, preferably face to face with troops from the necrovian faction, so you are not wrong when fighting the enemy. Then like support heroes, they should be placed at the back so that they are always safe and can support their allies.

formation and troops Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide
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In addition to the formation, you also need to arrange troops with a good composition, such as roles and factions. For example, on your forces there are at least heroes with a DPS role to deal significant damage to the enemy, then there is Support which is useful for providing support such as providing shields or healing to allies, then the other one is optional, it can be a controller, tanker, or weakener.

5. Complete your Quests regularly

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This game requires you to complete the available quests from each chapter, when all the quests in the chapter have been completed, there will be a chapter change as described above. You can tap on the part of the quest you want to do, then the system will automatically go to the quest, so you don’t have to bother looking for it yourself, besides that when you follow the quest, this indirectly makes your area stronger and growing.

6. Using the Speedup

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When you are upgrading a building, it takes a certain amount of time, the higher the level of the building the longer it takes, therefore you can use speed up to speed up the duration of its construction, this is very useful when you want to upgrade successively because we know that only 2 developments can be done simultaneously, to speed up the queue, you can use the speedup.

Final Thoughts

Art of Conquest 2 is a game that is perfect for those of you who like to strategize and build. Here you are required to think about doing war in terms of troops and also your formation to be able to win the battle and expand the fief.

That’s all from us for the Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide! Did you find our Art of Conquest 2 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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