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ASTRA: Knights of Veda Beginners Guide and Tips

Unite the Knights and Defeat Darkness!

ASTRA: Knights of Veda, an epic RPG adventure provided by HYBE IM Co., Ltd. In this captivating fantasy world, you’ll journey through mysterious lands, battling against the tyranny of ‘Mad King’ Magnus. If you’re just starting on your quest, our ASTRA: Knights of Veda Beginners Guide is here to offer invaluable tips and strategies to help you embark on your journey with confidence.

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ASTRA: Knights of Veda Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics


Navigating combat in ASTRA: Knights of Veda is key to success in the game. I’ve learned that understanding your heroes’ skills and ultimates is crucial. Managing cooldowns helps charge your ultimate gauge efficiently, especially when facing tough bosses. When dealing with mobs, confronting them head-on is effective, but bosses demand strategic evasion to dodge their attacks successfully.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Battle
Image via HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

You can move your character in various directions using a joystick, allowing for strategic positioning during fights. Don’t forget to loot items dropped on the battlefield to gain valuable resources. Additionally, utilizing the dash movement can help you quickly maneuver around enemies, either getting closer to them for an attack or retreating to safety. Dodging enemy attacks is crucial for survival, but remember that it consumes stamina. While manually activating each action is effective, you can also utilize the auto-battle feature for smoother combat experiences.

Complete Missions

Navigating missions in ASTRA: Knights of Veda was essential during my gameplay journey. I quickly learned to identify NPCs with icons above their heads, indicating available quests. These quests fall into three categories: Veda’s Missions, marked with yellow icons, drive the main story forward.

World Quests, denoted by green icons, appear periodically, offering chances to unlock new content or earn rewards. Knight’s Missions, represented by blue icons with a helmet, are daily quests obtainable from Licorice in Todburg.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Mission
Image via HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

When completing Knight’s Missions, you can choose which chapter of Adventure Mode to challenge. Although the rewards remain the same across chapters, higher-level stages offer better base rewards. It’s important to complete both daily Knight’s Missions to claim additional rewards. However, be mindful that uncompleted missions are forfeited when new ones become available, although you can still collect two new Knight’s Missions from Licorice.

Understand the Roles of Your Knights

Understanding the roles of your knights is vital for maximizing performance in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. In my experience, each role serves a distinct purpose in battle. Healers like Nayan and Lucian focus on restoring health during combat, ensuring your team’s survival. Tanks such as Orlik and Leon excel in absorbing damage, providing a sturdy frontline.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Knights
Image via HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

DPS heroes like Veleno and Rani specialize in dealing high damage to enemies, albeit with some susceptibility to incoming attacks. Supporters like Sansar and Yanko contribute additional damage and are adept at item production. By strategically deploying knights according to their roles, you can optimize your team’s effectiveness and conquer challenges with greater ease.

Level Up your Knights

Ensuring your knights are leveled up is essential for success in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. I’ve found that leveling up knights requires specific items called Records, which come in three grades: Wanderer’s Records, Adventurer’s Records, and Hero’s Records. Among these, Hero’s Records offer the most experience points, while Wanderer’s Records provide the least.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Knights Level Up
Image via HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

To acquire these items, I’ve found that completing adventure mode quests and exploring the Wealth of the Holy Grail are effective methods. Alternatively, you can purchase Records from vendors in Todburg. Once obtained, navigate to the book menu to apply Records to your desired knight for leveling up. Keep in mind that gold is also required for leveling up knights.

Equip your Knights with Equipment

In my experience playing ASTRA: Knights of Veda, enhancing my knights’ combat abilities through equipment has been crucial for success. Equipping knights with the best gear not only boosts their power but also provides specific attributes that enhance their performance in battle. I’ve made it a priority to always equip my knights with the highest-quality items available to maximize their effectiveness on the battlefield.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Knights Equipment
Image via HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

Additionally, I’ve regularly enhanced their equipment to make them even stronger. By investing in the enhancement of equipment using the required materials, I’ve significantly bolstered my knights’ power. This strategy has proven to be effective in overcoming challenges and progressing smoothly through the game.

Power of the Stars

In ASTRA: Knights of Veda, understanding the Power of the Stars system is key for better combat performance. Each knight has a unique affinity with one of the eight Star Powers, affecting their effectiveness against different enemies. To avoid enemies building resistance, diversify your party’s attributes. Watch for attribute icons on enemies to plan your attacks wisely.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Power of the Stars
Image via HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

In battles, I’ve found that the Accrued Power of the Stars gauge fills up as specific attributes deal damage, indicating their effectiveness. Triggering the Overflowing Power of the Stars when the gauge is full boosts damage output temporarily, allowing for quick skill usage by characters with dominant attributes.

Timing this boost is crucial, especially in challenging fights. I’ve also noticed that if the character dealing the most damage falls, the gauge transfers to the next highest attribute, ensuring no loss of damage potential.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

1. Save your upgrades for better Knights

Save your upgrades for better Knights you unlock later on. It’s tempting to spend all your resources boosting your initial Knights, but you’ll earn stronger characters as you progress. Holding onto your upgrades allows you to incorporate new, more powerful Knights into your team when you acquire them.

2. Enhance equipment with old items

Instead of selling old equipment for Gold, use them to strengthen newer items. Prioritize enhancing your weakest weapons first to maximize the effectiveness of your upgrades. This strategy ensures that your team’s gear remains strong as you progress through the game.

3. Use the Dodges strategically

Utilize dodges not only to avoid damage but also to perform animation cancels, maximizing your combat efficiency. By timing your dodges during attacks, you can quickly transition between offensive and defensive maneuvers, gaining the upper hand in battles.

4. Balance your party with elements and classes

Create a balanced team with varied elements and classes to counter enemy strengths effectively. Having a diverse party composition ensures that you can adapt to different challenges and exploit enemy weaknesses. Additionally, consider the synergy between classes to maximize your team’s overall effectiveness in combat.

5. Don’t leave your adventurer shoes at max

Utilize your Adventurer Shoes regularly to farm resources efficiently. By spending them consistently, you ensure that you’re making the most of your time and gathering valuable resources for upgrades and progression. Additionally, consider using auto-battle to speed up the farming process, but be cautious and monitor the screen to prevent any mishaps during battles.

Final Thoughts

ASTRA: Knights of Veda offers an immersive gaming experience filled with strategic combat and rewarding progression. By following these simple yet effective tips, you can enhance your gameplay, optimize your team, and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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