Axie infinity Positioning Guide with Tips to better position your Axies

Tips and Tricks to better your positioning in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a decentralized game on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows players to control adorable Pokémon-inspired critters known as Axies. These axies are strong combatants that allow players to battle, breed, elevate, and trade for/with or against other Axies. Battling takes place inside the game while buying and selling/breeding takes place on the Axie market. Gaining every possible edge in the arena can help players win more, climb the leaderboards, and ultimately gain more SLP to have more income. In this Axie infinity Positioning Guide, we will be looking into axies and how to better position them in the arena to maximize the effectiveness of every axie that the players use.

Positioning your Axies

Battle locations are important since they determine the priority of attacks for both the player and the opponent player. This means that a player’s Axie’s position on the battlefield dictates which enemy Axie is attacked first, as well as which Axie on the player’s side is attacked first. Players should continually think about the best offensive and defensive positions. It should be emphasized that after a player has set up the positions, they cannot be changed during the combat. The golden rule is that Axies will always attack the opposing Axie who is closest to them.

axies positioning

This implies that if the other team is arranged in a horizontal row, the player’s Axies will always attack the front Axie first, the midline second, and the backline last. The same will be applied to the player’s team if their Axies are arranged in a horizontal row. When the opponent’s Axies form a triangle, things become more tricky. Players like to employ a triangle or a similar posture, such as a reverse triangle, to distribute damage among numerous Axies.

When Axies form a triangle, they have a 50/50 chance of attacking either the top or bottom Axie. This occurs when both adversary Axies are the same distance away from the player’s Axie. Despite the fact that this fighting posture is highly successful, it is not suggested for inexperienced players. A horizontal layout is ideal for beginner players. Fortunately, there are a few horizontal configurations to select from. Players can select between a straight horizontal line, two Axies adjacent to each other with one in front, or two Axies tightly positioned in front of each other with one Axie further behind.

Tips and Tricks to Position your Axies better

It’s worth noting that there are a few cards in Axie Infinity where location is crucial. Strawberry Shortcake, Mint, and Silence Whisper, for example, require Axies to be in specific rows or places in order to be valuable to the team. Shrimp, Wing Horn, and Toothless Bite are examples of cards that target adversaries based on their distance. Axies with these cards may have an impact on the suggested team structure. Depending on their duties, players may choose to adjust the position of their Axies.

position axie

In summary, in order to find the best suitable lineup for you as a player, the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with your own team composition. Know every nooks and cranny, every weakness and strength, and how to capitalize on both of them. This is what ultimately brought me to 2300+ MMR.

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