Battle Legion – Mass Battler: Beginner’s Guide with Tips

Among the games that have been getting good responses this quarantine, Battle Legion – Mass Battler is one game that has been getting the best reviews in the market. Battle Legion is a free-to-play action-simulation game. The game has been popular for its easy to play interface, the game had a slow start, it picked up well and thus has a lot of users involving in the game. Before starting to play Battle Legion, it’s better to brush off with some basic tips to excel. So, to help you with it, this Beginner’s Guide will contain tips and tricks to get your game going in Battle Legion. If you haven’t read our other game guides which includes beginner’s guides for the latest games on the apps market, don’t forget to read them out as well.


Battle Legion – Mass Battler is a Free-to-Play action-simulation game developed by Traplight Games. Ltd, a Finnish based company. They are popular for their previous game in the Racing genre, Big Bang Racing, which was a critical success.

Battle Legion – How to play

This new game is based on Unit Battles between your army and the opponent with up to 100v100 unit strength. Build an army and pit against different units’ combination and users and fight to climb up the. Plenty of units and skins in the game. Battle Legion puts you in shoes of an aspiring commander, and as you rank up through unforgettable victories, so does your legion.

Battle Legion
Unit Battles in Battle Legion

In the game, you have to create your army, which allows you to have troops combined up to a maximum Army Point. For every increase in the point, you can add more units. Each unit carries a different size point. While most of them carry 1 Army Point, there are few larger units with bigger sizes.

Once you have planned the army layout, you send them to battle. The battle is simulated, and the army you have created with battle against another layout, which is also simulated. The layout whose units survive till the end wins, and gain trophies to push up levels and thus on quest to plan a powerful legion.

Explanation fo the In-game Menu and Items

The game has quite a few items and menus that are easy to understand. They are explained as follows:


They are the level of progression. As you go on winning battles, you will thus add trophies to your rank and improve. Climbing ranks will unlock more units and rewards. The basic rank is the Rank 0, Village to the rank 13, the Druidic forest.


The Battle Menu.
Left: Army Layout, Right: Wagons and Collectibles

This menu leads you to the battle screen. Here you can fight different armies by swiping the section. All your battles are within this menu only. On the screen, you can find other in-game items of Battle Legion such as Wagons, Bonus XP, Gold and Auto Spin.


In case of any event happening in Battle Legion, it’ll be displayed in this section. Social Media links for further discussion of the game is given within.


Battle Legion Guide
Army Menu

Planning and Assembling of your Army Layout is in this menu. You are the commander of your army, the leader in front. Within the maximum number of unit points given, you have to arrange your troops. Identify them using the points on their shards which indicate their sizes. Also, the option for having different combination preset is possible with three fields available in the game. Depending upon your liking, you can switch the field.


Battle Legion Guide
Left: Units unlocked, Right: The Unit when viewed

The backbone of the game, or more to the commander to be exact. Different units exist in the game, while you move further to build your legion. As per your commanding level, you go on unlocking different units. These units can also have different skins that are available once you increase your level.



These are the rewarding items in the game. Wagons contain different resources such as Gems, Bonus XP, Gold, and Eternite. You gain wagons after earning Wagon XP in battles. Wagons can be of different tier with higher rewards.


Allows you to have battles without any involvement between. For instance, similar to an autoplay option. Activating Auto-Spin is done in the bottom right corner. You gain auto-spin tokens in the battle menu automatically.


They are in-game items that unlock at Level 4. At intervals of 4 levels, you can add power stones. These are consumed by the units to gain massive improvements in Offensive and Defensive sides. You lose your power stones at the end of an era. The time duration of the removal of powers is seen when you click the unit in the army section.


Your tasks in the game, which when completed will reward you. There are Challenges and Journey based quests along with Events.


Social interaction between other members of the game, using Clans. You can request for Shards (units) and also discuss amongst other members.

Battle Legion Guide – Tips and Tricks

Follow certain tips to have a good game experience and quick improvements:

  • Upgrade a maximum of two shards each of the same types. It is because you have limited Army Points initially, so it is better to have fewer units but with higher levels.
  • Complete the daily quests and challenges to gain resources quickly. However, this will help you upgrade troops quickly and level up.
  • Donation of shards in the clan should be of those which you don’t use. Request shards which you want to level up, not recruit.
  • Before the next wagon unlocks, try to push up your ranks as high as possible so that your rewarding is more.
  • Do not worry about the win-rate. It is better to play more army layouts than to keep thinking over stats.
  • Experiment with your layouts. Try to find a good unit combination and build your layout. Experimentation is key.
  • Avoid having many different troops altogether, it mixes up badly and thus the game
  • Once you unlock the Powerstone, try to level up your most commonly used troop quickly. Then use a power stone to give them improvements.
  • If you feel confident about the current layout, use the auto-spin option to push ranks. With this, you can easily push to Rank 5 within a day.

For those who haven’t tried the game yet, you can download the game for both Android/iOS platforms from the below links:

We hope that you will find this Battle Legion Beginners guide helpful. For more Mobile Gaming news and guides, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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