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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Top 5 tips and tricks to level up quickly

Level up fast!

As a result of the Indian government’s ban in September 2020, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) made an official launch on 2nd July 2021. In BGMI, players are able to transfer their data from the previous PUBG ID because of which they can continue with their previous in-game level. These levels do not depend on the player’s skills rather it shows that how much a player is active in the game and how much time has been spent by the player. You can increase your level by following some easy steps but make sure that you are consistent. Here, we will be looking into the top 5 tips and tricks every BGMI player needs to know to quickly level up in the game.

Tips to level up fast in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Leveling up requires after-game points, which are gained after every match mode available, except Training and Custom matches. However, here are some valuable tips to increase your level quickly in the game.

1. Complete the progress missions

If you want to upgrade your level quickly, then the first thing which comes on the list is to check whether you are completing your progress mission or not. This is important as many players ignore this section but they shouldn’t. Accomplishing progress missions is the elementary requirement to level up faster in BGMI.

BGMI level up tips
Complete the Progress Missions

The missions displayed on the progress missions are truly very simple. Hence, you should keep an eye on this section of BGMI to ensure that you don’t miss any missions.

2. Make complete use of your EXP cards

Another important tip for leveling up quickly is to make complete use of the EXP cards. These cards increase EXP by 100% for an hour which can be useful to enhance your gameplay and will contribute to increasing your level. You can get these cards by completing RP missions easily.

BGMI level up tips
Use your EXP Cards

If you have UC with you then you can get 1 EXP card that will cost you about 10 UC.  You just need to go to the Shop section and click on the ‘Treasures’ section, after that you can get EXP cards from there.

3. Play Classic matches more than Evo-Ground or Arena

Now, to level up you need to increase your XP and for this, you have to spend more time in the match. For that to happen, focus on the classic matches more than Arena or Arcade because you will be able to finish more missions in classic matches and you will be able to stay in the match for a longer time.

BGMI level up tips
Play Classic Matches

Surviving for a long time will award you more XP and you will end up increasing your level faster. Classic maps comprise Erangle, Miramar, Vikendi, Shanhok, etc. Amongst which, you should play Erangle or Miramar. These are longer maps as compared to others in the game.

4. Try to survive till end in every match you play

Focus on chicken dinners or try to survive till the last circle. This is because surviving is one of the prime steps if you want to level up faster in BGMI. Surviving or grabbing a chicken dinner will also contribute to increasing your tier level. Tier level is another most wanted thing among players in BGMI.

BGMI level up tips
Survival is the key to level up quickly

Don’t land on hot drops where a lot of aggressive players land. Players should camp throughout the gameplay to survive for a longer period of time and if you want to rush then it’s good but make sure you finish them on a positive note. Lastly, a filled bag in your loadout also contributes to increasing XP in the match.

5. Complete the Daily missions

BGMI level up tips
Complete the daily missions

The daily missions which BGMI provides to the players are very easy to complete. If you log in daily, you complete one mission there itself. If you spend some time in the game then you complete another mission. If you picked up a level 3rd helmet then you complete a mission and there are many more easy tasks that you should complete to increase your level quickly.

Did you find these tips to level up quickly in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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