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Battlegrounds Mobile India The Mission Ignition Mode guide

An exciting game mode is arriving

Battlegrounds Mobile India received its first-ever update. And with the update, the game got a lot of new content (a lot). In collaboration with Tesla, the update will bring some of Tesla’s vehicles in-game, new Hyperlines, Patrol Robots, and much more all in the Mission Ignition Mode. This (BGMI) Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG Mobile The Mission Ignition mode guide will provide a player with basic tips and strategies to do well and win easily.

BGMI The Mission Ignition mode explained

Mission Ignition is a brand new mode that will combine PUBG Mobile’s classic gameplay with advanced future technologies. This new mode will be available to the players after the update and will give them a whole new experience of gameplay that they have never witnessed in the map of Erangel ever before.

The mode can be only accessed via the Evo ground mode but it will still affect the ranking of the players. So many changes coming to the game, it might be confusing for the players. So let’s take a look at the things need to know about the Mission Ignition Mode below in this article.

PUBG Mobile The Mission Ignition mode transformed locations

In the Mission Ignition Mode, six places have been enhanced and given a completely new look. These include the addition of buildings, new views, automatic doors, etc. The six places which have been revamped are:

Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Mission Ignition Mode transformed locations
Transformed Locations
  • School – Tech Center
  • Pochinki – Transit Center
  • Sosnovka Military Base – Sosnovka Security Center
  • Georgopool – Georgopol
  • Mylta Power – Energy Center
  • Yashnaya Polnaya – Logistics Agency

So, if you’re excited to see the new versions of these locations, then make sure to visit them right after the update through the BGMI Mission Ignition mode.

Mission Ignition new features and locations

Battlegrounds Mobile India The Mission Ignition Mode locations
Mission Ignition locations
  • Dynamic Elements: The urban areas will have some advanced features like lifts, automatic doors, and automated moving platforms.
  • Hyperlines: The new Hyperlines are running vehicles (more like trams) that move from one stop to another in a fixed time. Players can therefore use it for their transportation if they lack a vehicle.The lines on the road show the path for the Hyperlines and the dots present on it are the stoppage. The Hyperlines stop for about 10 seconds in each stop (where the players can get into it) before moving to the next one.
  • Gigafactory: Tesla’s Gigafactory will be available on the Erangel map. There will be four Gigafactories where players can build their own Tesla Model Y which features autopilot mode in-game. As mentioned earlier, there’ll be four Gigafactories on the map. It can be seen that the locations of Gigafactories are in Gatka, Farm, to the right of the Tech Center, and the final one is above Rozhok.
  • Air Conveyor: An air conveyor is a transporting tool that launches the players high in the sky. Players can then navigate to any place by air. Air Conveyors can be used to travel by air. And as the map shows, there are eight Air conveyors in the map marked with orange dots.
  • Patrol Robots: Patrol Robots scan through the entire area and help in finding great loot nearby such as scopes, attachments, etc. by marking it. Since they help in finding loot, Patrol Robots are mostly located near the buildings and compounds. The white dots show the locations for the Patrol Robots.

Mission Ignition unique vehicles

In collaboration with Tesla, PUBG Mobile will bring some of the Tesla vehicles in-game for the players. Let’s take a look at them below

Mission Ignition Tesla Collaboration
Tesla Collaboration
  1. Tesla Roadster: A car having high-speed for quick retreatss.
  2. Tesla Cyber Truck: Having both the speed and durability, this vehicle can be a reliable option for the players.
  3. Tesla Semi Truck: Tesla’s Semi Truck can be found in-game anywhere randomly. These Semi Trucks move automatically on the roads and when damaged, they drop crates that offer good loot.
  4. Tesla Model Y: The Model Y is an intermediate vehicle with having autopilot option. Unless like other vehicles, this car can only be found or build from the Gigafactory.
  5. Anti Gravity Motorcycle: Although, this isn’t from Tesla. Still, the Anti-Gravity Motorcycle is a highly advanced motorcycle that flies slightly above the land without using wheels. Also, this motorcycle has the ability to move above the water.

Tesla Gigafactory: Build your own Tesla Model Y

Arguably, this is the biggest thing that the players will be the most excited about! Building their own Autopilot Tesla. We’ll cover every detail for building the Tesla from its location to putting it in autopilot mode. In order to build a Tesla, players will need to find and go to any of the Gigafactories.

Tip – Gigafactories also have a decent amount of loot. So, the players can land there too.

Gigafactories have three lever switches and once all of them have been turned on, the Model Y will start building on its own as players can see the entire process of Tesla building. If entering the Gigafactory through its entrance, players will find the switches in the following locations.

Mission Ignition tesla
The entrance door of the Tesla Gigafactory
  • The first lever is present right above the entrance door.
  • The second lever is in one of the rooms located on the left-hand side.
  • And the last lever is located towards the end of the building from where the Tesla starts building (that is also quite opposite to the first lever).

Once all the switches have been turned on, the Tesla Model Y will start building and players can watch the entire process of Tesla being manufactured on the spot.

The Tesla Model Y can then be operated on the map. Now this car has a unique feature of Auto-pilot that every player will love. To activate the autopilot mode, players will first need to place the car on the roadway and then mark a desired location on the map. The Tesla Model Y will then automatically find the route within and will only navigate through the road. And the autopilot mode can be canceled anytime by the players. Once marked a location on the map, the Tesla autopilot automatically finds the route and drives the players there.

Where to locate the Tesla Gigafactory

The Tesla Gigafactory locations are always marked on the map and these locations change every match. They do not have any particular spawn locations.

Unique items in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition Mode

The mission Ignition Mode will bring two new tactical items that will benefit a lot in making tactical strategies. The unique items that’ll be available are:

  • Tactical Marking Device: This advanced device marks the location of the enemies that have been hit and also shows the status of the teammates on the mini-map.
  • Riot Shield: The Riot Shield is a durable wall shield that protects the players from bullets when deployed.

These items will be available only in the Ignition Mode for now. And it will be interesting to see if any of them becomes a part of the classic mode in the future being tactical items.

Now, this is really a lot of new content that the game is receiving and looks to be one of the most exciting updates for PUBG Mobile to date.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this article on Battlegrounds Mobile India The Mission Ignition Mode.

Did you find our Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Mission Ignition Moder guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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