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Mobile Legends Adventure Beginners Guide and Tips

Its less than a month since the game Mobile Legends Adventure has been released globally. Based on the original Mobile Legends universe, Mobile Legends Adventure is a story-driven game. Players start with a hero and progress through the campaign. On their journey, they unlock various features of the game, but this can be really confusing for someone who just picked it up. So, in this beginners guide to Mobile Legends Adventure, I’ll discuss the necessary pieces of information that will be helpful for a beginner.

Progressing in the campaign is the key

Beginners guide to mobile legends adventure, mobile legends adventure

Although there are plenty of options to explore, the campaign is the most important part. The higher levels a player crosses in the campaign, the quicker he/she can do overall progress. The whole game is based on the overall power system and the total power is dependent on the hero levels. And to upgrade the heroes a player needs ‘hero experience’ that can be generated automatically. With the progress in the campaign, the hero experience production increases. So, this is the first priority, always.

Complete the daily quests for great rewards

Beginners guide to mobile legends adventure, MLA

The daily quests give the option to collect lots of items. Participate in the Area, complete the daily quests of Labrinth, Time Portal, Tavern etc. The items are really helpful to build up overall power.

Unlock higher star heroes

The more, the merrier. Lower star heroes are comparatively weaker and capped at a low level. So, focus on getting higher star heroes. Otherwise, the players will have to switch back to the higher star heroes once they level up and progress in the game.

Prioritize Epic over Elite

There are two different classes in Mobile Legends Adventure as of now. Elite and Epic. But Elite heroes are capped at 160 level while Epic heroes are capped at 500 level. So, looking at the future, always prioritize Epic heroes.

Join a Guild for extra rewards and Cards

Beginners guide to Mobile Legends Adventure

Guilds can also help in collecting some extra materials. A player can collect cards as well as donate cards to gather guild points. The guild points can be used to purchase items, heroes from the Guild Shop.

Don’t worry if you use Hero Experience in any random hero

Mobile Legends Adventure, MLA tips

Yes, as the title says, the hero experience can always be retrieved. From the Dismantle option, a hero can be brought back to level 1, and with it, all the spendings will be returned.

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These are some quick tips to help you get started. I hope these will help to understand the game from scratch. Do let me know if you are confused with something or want me to add anything in the this ‘Beginners Guide to Mobile Legends Adventure’.

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