Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Guide: Tips and Strategies

Showdown is a very popular game mode in Brawl Stars. There are two types of Showdown games – one is Solo, where you play against 9 other players in a Free-For-All. The second is Duo Showdown, where you play along with a random teammate or friend against 4 other teams. Of these, today’s guide is going to be about Solo Showdown.

1. In Solo Showdown, always check who spawns immediately near you

We cannot stress this enough. When you spawn on a Solo Showdown map, always check the Brawlers who spawn in your immediate vicinity. If you’re a Dynamike and a Mortis spawns near you, make it a point to always check where he is. If you go for the powerup first, the Mortis can easily strike you down and you’ll lose.

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown

2. Always mind where the gas is

A storm of toxic gas begins to form along the edges of the map as the game progresses. Keep checking where it is because you can use it to your advantage by pushing enemies towards it. When Brawlers step deep into the storm, they start to lose 1000 HP per second, and this can be advantageous to you if you keep chipping at the enemy and pushing them inside. If you see a powerup inside the storm, check if you can get it and safely get out, or else you’ll die.

3. Always go for the box nearest to you

Scout the boxes that are near you, and go for them first. It often happens that on maps like Feast or Famine, players get greedy and rush for the boxes in the center, and are often killed by others in the bushes. This tip is very important. If you don’t get any powerups, absolutely avoid going in the bushes because you become an easy target.

4. Don’t get yourself trapped between fighting Brawlers in Solo

This is straightforward. Never get yourself sandwiched between fighting Brawlers. There is a very high chance that they will double team on you and kill you. This can happen when you are stronger and have more powerups than the other Brawlers, and they form an “alliance” to take you out first. This can also happen when you are the weaker Brawler, and they want to reduce the number of players on the field. If you do not know which are the best brawlers to pick in Showdown mode, check here.

5. Always check bushes with your attack before going in

This applies in every game mode. Never walk into a bush before checking it with your attack. If you don’t, but you are lucky, you will survive, or a Bull or Shelly will blow your face up. But you may ask, how can Mortis, who has to dash inside a bush to check it, survive an onslaught like that? It’s easy, you have to go extremely near to the bush, and move forward as if you want to go in, then, if anyone attacks, you can quickly dash away to the opposite side. When you are near the bush, position your attack joystick in the opposite direction, this will help you to dash away quickly. Never use auto-aim in such a circumstance with Mortis.

6. Never use all three attacks on a box at once

You might think that if you want to get a powerup quickly, you have to break the box as fast as possible. That is right, but you shouldn’t use all your ammo on a box at once, because another player might be waiting around, hoping to get the powerup, and also kill the one who breaks the box. Always use two ammo bars, and wait for them to refill and then use them on the box again. This will help you get the powerup, and the one ammo bar you saved can be used to attack anyone who comes near you to steal the powerup from you.

brawl stars showdown tips and tricks

7. Always know your position and the placement of other players

When you play quite a few Solo games on a map, you will have a good idea of where enemies spawn. Depending on where you spawn, you have a choice of taking down enemies first, if you don’t have any boxes near you, and if you have a box in your vicinity, we recommend to always go for that box. Knowing the enemy’s position on the map will always give you an upper hand, as you will also know the hiding spots around the map.

8. Do not move on the map without powerups

It is recommended that unless you have an adequate amount of powerups, you should not move much around the map. Try to stay/hide in one place for as long as you can. This can increase your chances of ranking in the top 5. How ever, if you want to check a detailed guide on maps, see here.

9. Teaming in Solo

In Solo Showdown, you can form an alliance with another player, if the other player is willing. You can go near that player and rapidly spin in circles, and if the other player spins too, they are agreeing to team with you. In this way, you can finish off the remaining players on the map, and get rid of any stronger enemies. But this technique can backfire for both of you, and the moment you team with the other player, they can backstab you and kill you, and you can also do the same to them. Notably, teaming is synonymous with cheating in Brawl Stars. But since you can use whatever methods you want to get a higher rank, it can be called a viable strategy.

brawl stars showdown guide

10. Always decide your playstyle before you go into a match

There are different playstyles in Brawl Stars, and some of the most common are –

  1. Rushing for Boxes – You can use this playstyle to rush the area where there are a lot of boxes in a cluster. However, if you’re using this, you should make sure that no one else is going for these boxes. If you don’t, you might end up being knocked out of the game and get a lower rank. Tanks like Bull, El Primo, Rosa and Frank, and their nemesis Shelly, are the best for this playstyle.
  2. Scouting the map, pushing enemies into fights – This is the type where you roam around the map, identifying weaker targets. If you can’t kill them, you can push them towards nearby players, so that they finish the job for you. This is recommended when you have at least 2 powerups, otherwise, the enemy you’re pushing can turn back and try to kill you. Brawlers like Crow and Spike are good for this method.
  3. Camping – This can prove to be the most effective playstyle if you want to avoid confrontations. You can hide in a bush and when enemies move out of your area, you hide in another bush, so they keep guessing where you are. Camping is effective, but you have to successfully evade enemies for this tactic to work. By far, Bull and Shelly have proven to be the best campers.

That does it for the guide! If you are new to Brawl Stars, these tips and tricks can help you to climb ranks faster when playing Solo Showdown.

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Aditya Agarwal

Hi , Please give tips according to the newest updates. These are good but are outdated for about 10 months of Brawl Stars

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