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BGMI: How to set up a Four Finger Claw with a custom layout

Learn how to use the four finger claw setup efficiently!

Battleground Mobile India or BGMI is a shooting and multiplayer game with battle royale gameplays in a virtual world, high ranked players here use a technique called the four-finger claw When a player enters a match, a complete set of different clicks avail on the screen and it is all on the player’s creativity to use it because, in BGMI, a player can customize his controls in settings. Moreover, some players use their thumbs only, and some use more than three or four finger claw setups.  

Why Four Finger Claw layout is necessary in competitive mobile games

The players who use thumbs are those who may have just made an ID because even if a player has played more than 5 matches, he will definitely know the importance of shifting from thumbs to three or four finger claws set up. Four finger claw players are generally faster than those within thumb layout because four-finger claw players can open scope, can move, can fire, and can control the recoil at the same time whereas a player who uses only thumbs to play may end up being defeated in front of those who use four claw as they may move and fire or just open scope and fire and that could result in the slow movement. 

The slow movement in these kinds of games that provides so much freedom to everybody to customize controls can result in ‘defeats’ only. Therefore, a new player should sit for an hour or two and spend time customizing the controls’ layout. 

To help the player with thumbs layout, here is a guide and an example layout to customize controls’ layout.  

Four Finger Claw Layout for Beginners in BGMI

When a new ID is made then it appears with a default layout that allows a player to play with two fingers smoothly. So, this is a beginner’s control layout. 

BGMI Four Finger Claw layout for Beginners
BGMI Four Finger Claw layout for Beginners

The default layout has large and bold icons which might become hindrances when in a match. Therefore, a player should keep in mind that the icons should be small and the transparency should be low and even if the icons need to be large then the transparency should be kept low. 

Switching to custom layout in a four-finger claw setup in BGMI

The next thing to do is that a player should allot his fingers their tasks like a left thumb for movement of the character, right thumb to change directions, left index finger for firing, and left index finger for scope. A player can interchange both index fingers’ work according to his conveyance. 

BGMI Four Finger Claw custom layout
BGMI Four Finger Claw custom layout

Set firing, scope, and joystick as allotted to all four fingers. A player can smaller the joystick according to his conveyance but should keep the firing and scope keys larger. 

Resize the name palette and map and make them small, also shift them to the extreme ends of both the corners of the phone. Again, resize the peek keys and make them a little larger than earlier and place them near the right thumb area because the right thumb is generally more active than the left one. 

Leave the prone, jump, and crouch keys in their place and resize them into larger ones than earlier because, in four-finger claw gameplay, these keys are very important for great gameplay. 

Now, lessen the transparency of prone, jump, crouch, firing, scope, and joysticks by 60-70. 

The four-finger claw is a game-changer but players should be aware

The final four-finger claw setup for a beginner and it is advisable that a beginner should not panic and should be practicing in the new setup. It might take two or three days to get used to the new layout but it will do wonders in his gameplay. 

A player should change all the other keys according to his conveyance but should keep in mind that these keys should be made smaller because they are less used while gameplay but if a player feels that the reload key is important then it can be resized and a little larger than earlier as it is also an important key. 

We hope you find this Four Finger Claw setup guide in BGMI helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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