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BGMI: How to set up a custom Three Finger Claw layout

A detailed guide for the beginners

Battleground Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI has become a very popular game, just as PUBG Mobile. Just like PUBG mobile, BGMI players have also started implementing the three-finger claw setup. This concludes a result that there are millions of BGMI gamers and they must be having creative and unique self-made controls set up and layout. The game allows its players to customize the setup on their own because the default setup and layout may not be sufficient for all types of players. Moreover, the default setup and layout are for those who play with their thumbs, and competing with thumbs to those who use their claw is somewhat generating chances for claw users to win. 

This is a basic and perfect three-finger claw setup guide that will help in improving gameplay for both the above-mentioned types of players.

Three Finger Claw setup for beginners in BGMI 

The default layout which is already provided by BGMI to the new players is a layout that allows smooth gameplay with thumbs. The basic default setup layout is shown below.

BGMI Three Finger Claw layout for Beginner
BGMI Three Finger Claw layout for Beginner

Default control setup and layout have large buttons and their transparency rate is also very high. That means the buttons are very bold which appears opaque on the screen and the buttons don’t let the players have a wider visible screen.

Therefore, it is advisable for the new players to customize the layout of the controls into a three-finger claw layout and if a claw player wants to enhance their gaming skills more further and push ranks.

Changing from default to custom layout in a three-finger claw setup

First of all, remove all the unnecessary buttons like a leap, sprint, etc buttons. There are some eyes that claw players don’t use as these buttons can slow the movement while in-game. Smaller these keys, lessen their transparency and leave them in a corner. 

Some parts of the layout like the map and player’s name pallet are not so necessary so resize them, make them smaller and place them in the extreme corners of the mobile phones. 

BGMI Three Finger Claw custom layout
BGMI Three Finger Claw custom layout

A player’s main focus should be a wider screen for gameplay with the main keys on screen only. The next step is to allot every finger to their work so the left index finger should be used for firing, the left thumb should be helpful in movement of the character, and the right thumb which will be the most active one while gameplay, should be helpful for crouch, prone, jumping, movement of the direction, peeking, opening scope, messaging, etc. 

Now, a player should place every key according to their conveyance and if he wants to test then he should check in the cheer park. Cheer park has a training ground that takes a player to a ground where there is no one. Therefore, a player can test and practice there without any fear of being defeated. 

Players should start with the three finger claw

Players often confuse themselves if it is smart to jump on the four or five-finger claw setup. The answer should be No because to achieve big, people should start with smaller steps. Therefore, for a beginner,  jumping directly on an advanced and complex setup is not a good idea so they should try a three-finger claw setup. 

There can be two types of players who use a three-finger claw setup in BGMI. Firstly, those who feel comfortable with three-finger claw controls, and secondly those who want to switch on three-finger claw set up and layout. 

We hope you find this Three Finger Claw setup guide in BGMI helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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