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Bistro Heroes: Beginners guide with tips and tricks

And…help the heroes save the world!

Enter Team Tapas’, developers of the well-favored mobile RPG game A Girl Adrift newest game: Bistro Heroes. This new small-sized online RPG game, not requiring any optional downloads is a must-have for Gacha and relaxing game genre lovers. It is a game that has to be played with a handheld mobile device and a headphone for the best experience providing an intriguing story, great visuals, calming audio, unique controls, many collectible heroes, and your very own customizable Bistro. Get ingredients to cook and sell and costumes to further upgrade your heroes and lead them to the inevitable victory. With all these amazing features at the tip of your fingers, we have this guide for beginners for Bistro Heroes with important Tips and Tricks.

Gameplay Overview

The first thing that meets the eye is the story of two knights exhausted from their journey: Grand Master Aryan, a human, and Coq Au Vin an elf trying to reach the capital. The game will then further guide to the first battle, explaining the controls and skills of each character. It will then go on introducing them to another important character, the Chef, before exiting to the main screen where the player’s first bistro will be shown.

Story mode

Having 10 regions each with over 20 levels to explore is what makes this game both long-term and exciting. Each story has its unique battle and environment and of course, tasty ingredients you can hand over to the Chef. Somehow she always knows to whip up something from them which you can serve up (and taste) on the menu for traveling customers to buy.

Control and attack system overview

Bistro Heroes Beginners Guide

The game control and attack system are unique and easy to understand. Deployed heroes will attack the nearest enemy, can be manually lined up, and focused on a particular enemy of the players choosing. While the dodging system is a bit lacking as not all enemy attacks can be dodged. It doesn’t take away the fun battle expectations we all expect an RPG to live up to.

Cooking system

The cooking system is an important part of the game, where after each battle, cooking ingredients will be collected to sell and make money from which again are used for several upgrades.


Like most grinding games, Bistro Heroes uses stamina to put a halt and remind us to take a break to recap. Of course, that’s merely a choice as the stamina system can be upgraded using the upgrade system, an ad can be watched to replenish 1 stamina 20 times a day, you can fish or stamina can be simply be bought in the store.

Upgrade system

The upgrade system is crucial for making some battles shorter and some longer to gain more resources. Upgrades influence the bistro in a major way as these increase the hero’s durability, damage output, but also the max stamina and its speed needed to battle, cooking sell speed, and gold capacity. In short: without upgrading, you are getting nowhere!

Obtaining heroes

Bistro Heroes Beginners Guide

Unlike most RPG games, hero’s are not summoned but eaned as you journey forward and encounter new foes. New heroes appear when a certain story is completed and can be deployed in battle and with them comes a new series of hero-exclusive skills and background stories to read.


The bistro will look better if you can make it look like it can actually serve food to customers so upgrading it for the looks is one thing to consider. If that’s not enough, upgrading the bistro also buffs up your hero abilities. What’s, even more, is that different types of furniture also have different attributes to further buff up your heroes. Neat-O! Mind the space though.

Gacha summoning

Bistro Heroes Beginners Guide

The Gacha part of the game where more costumes and furniture can be obtained for further buffing heroes. Not only do both buff characters, but they also change appearances and so pack a different punch than their original. There are 4 tiers, each having their own chance of pulling rare furniture and costumes: SS/S/A/B/C with SS being the rarest (2%) pull and C (45%) the most common.


If your tired of fighting monsters and need a moment to relax, the fishing spot is the place to go. Enjoy relaxing background audio while trying to catch a fish to replenish stamina. With a 100 bait limit, you’ll be able to catch fish for hours. Fishing too hard? Try the embedded sleep mode feature and enjoy the mystical breeze sounds while the game fishes automatically.


Bistro Heroes Beginners Guide

Having cleared the required story, a new mode will be made available: Daily Dungeon, the place to grind crystals for selected hero ability upgrade. Upgrading a hero with crystals is the best way to unlock their potential, exploiting their ability to their finest in battle!


If feeling dissatisfied about the pace the game is progressing for you  Bistro Heroes also has optional purchases which can speed up game progress a lot more

Bistro Heroes Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to guide you in the fantasy world of Bistro Heroes.

1. Rushing the story

While it’s always appreciated to carefully try to understand the story of any RPG game, it may be tiring or repetitive at some times. Even as a new player, you are given the option to ‘skip’ a story. Using this feature to rush the story is great for fast ingredients collection and unlocking more heroes quicker.

2. Produce and sell foods faster

Using the Quick Craft function to quickly cook with all collected ingredients is the best way to produce food instantly to be sold for gold which again can be used to improve the dish sell speed in the upgrade section. Using tickets can also instantly sell your dishes for quicker Gold gain. Awesome!.

3. Manual Fishing

Manually fishing can be hard, tiresome, and frustrating, especially if it’s your first time. There is an easier way to do this that does require manual fishing and reaction time:

Keep your eye on the yellow bar

The yellow bar acts as a timer to how long it takes to fish automatically and how long the fish will remain hooked.

Always pull in the opposite direction of which the fish is facing

In doing so you heighten your chances at keeping the fish in the middle.

Keep your eyes on the fish

The fish should be pulled to the middle and kept there (notice the blue area) for successful hooking.

4. Surviving longer in Daily Dungeon

The Daily dungeon can be quite challenging so it’s best to deploy the strongest heroes. The more you pack a punch to the crystal, the more damage it will do over time, so harvesting as many crystals as possible is the key to victory. While you can’t win the Daily Dungeon no matter how strong you become, upgrading heroes to push out more damage and moving them away from the hindering effects which the crystal spawns. Using Fondue’s hero skill will also keep ground enemies at bay so they don’t hurt you.

5. Getting Gems in Bistro Heroes

Gems are gained through achievements, daily rewards through optional purchase in the store. The more tasks you do, the more achievements are completed and the more gems are earned. Gems can be used for various items and are the main component for the Gacha summoning. This concludes our Bistro Heroes Beginners Guide.

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