BitLife Simulator: How to Dance and Chill yourself at a Nightclub

Time to go partying at the Nightclubs in BitLife Simulator!

BitLife Simulator offers a wide range of activities to its players such as hitting the gym, tending to the garden, reading a book, visiting the public library, chilling yourself at the nightclubs, etc. One of the recreational opportunities that are available in the game is to chill yourself up in the nightclub. Visiting the nightclub often boosts your happiness bar and keeps you happy. So it is cool to visit nightclubs for keeping you happy mentally. In this guide, we will be discussing how to dance and chill yourself if you visit the nightclub in BitLife Simulator.

Things you can do at the Nightclub in BitLife Simulator

You can find the clubbing option in BitLife Simulator just below the Movies and Theater option. By clicking on the Clubbing option you are free to choose any three clubs that the game offers. As you click on any one of the clubs, there are many things that you can do and they serve as the perfect dance venues.

Besides dancing in the clubs, there will be some characters who will be offering you a beer, cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs. It is up to you whether you will accept those or reject them. But it is important to know that consuming alcohol and drugs in high amounts will make you addicted and can lead to some serious consequences.

Players who are aiming to live long can find their health bars dropping fast because of addictions, and chances are also present that you can possibly die in one turn because of an overdose. So be cautious while accepting those offers.

BitLife Simulator Nightclub
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Although there are solutions present in the game if you want to battle your addictions. Checking into Rehab and treating yourself for some days is one of them. Although you need to pay for treating yourself sometimes it is much more effective. After you check out from Rehab, a pop-up will appear on your screen saying you are no longer addicted to alcohol or drugs. Players can also attend sessions and practice meditating and hypnotizing themselves for curing addiction.

Final Thoughts

Other than these things, a random event may also pop up as you bump into them or you made eye contact with their partner. You can choose to attack them, argue back, or walk away from them. If you choose the option of arguing or attacking, then the other person may attack you or choose to leave you alone.

There are also possibilities to hook up with any random person. If you choose to go for it, then another pop-up appears asking you whether you would like to use a condom or without a condom. Chances of STDs and pregnancies are very frequent if you choose the latter.

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