BitLife Simulator: How to make an Enemy in the game

Ruin your relationships with your friends in Bit Life Simulator!

In BitLife Simulator, you must manage your relationships with everyone. Starting with your Father, Mother, Brother, or your friends, it is very important to spend your time having conversations, watching movies, or paying compliments for managing a good relationship with everyone just as we do in real life. When you start attending school or join an employer in a corporate job, you get to interact with your classmates and colleagues and make friends. Even though the game offers you to make friends in your school and college life, you can also become an enemy. In this BitLife Simulator guide, we will discuss how to become an enemy with your friends.

How to make an enemy in BitLife Simulator

It is not very difficult to make an enemy in BitLife Simulator. You need to first make a friend of yours by befriending them. You can make friends at your primary and secondary schools, colleges, or workplaces. Some of them might approach themselves wanting to be your friend. Once you have successfully made a friend, players now should give their full focus on deteriorating a relationship.

They should open the menu of relationships where they will find many options regarding whether to ruin the friendship or improve them. If you are looking for making a friend of yours, an enemy, there will be many options such as insulting or spreading rumors. That should slowly ruin your friendship with that person. And they might themselves change their status from friends to an enemy.

Enemy Bit Life Simulator
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Well, other than this above method, there is an easy approach too. After you have made friends with your classmates or colleagues, you can simply head to the relationships menu and choose your friend whom you want to make your enemy. Tap on their name and you will see a pop-up menu appearing in front of you. Select Change our status option there and switch to Enemy. As soon as you perform this, your friend will become an enemy in BitLife Simulator.

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