BitLife Simulator: Tips to become a Banker in the game

Time to do your dream job!

BitLife Simulator is an addictive simulation game offering dozens of life choices and careers to choose from. There are an endless number of interesting professions that you can choose and become in BitLife Simulator. One such profession that players may want to become in the game is a Banker. While becoming a Banker is comparatively easy in BitLife Simulator, there are certain requirements for becoming one. In this guide, we will be discussing the requirements of how you can become a Banker in BitLife Simulator.

How to become a Banker in BitLife Simulator

Stats Requirements

Your smart stats should be above 85 to enroll yourself in the University. Without enough smartness, you might not get the desired course which is “Finance” in the list of majors. Your health and happiness can be average. Looks don’t matter. So it is recommended to start with a character having a fair amount of health and happiness. To increase your smarts, you should visit the library often, read books, and study harder.

Educational Qualifications

As you pass your high school studies, your character will now want to apply for a major in a University. If you aim to become a banker, then you must choose the major called Finance in BitLife Simulator. If the major doesn’t appear in the first stance, restart with a new life. Study harder and continue maintaining your smart stats.

Applying for the Job

After you graduate from the university with a degree in finance, it is now the time when you should look for jobs available. Head to the full-time jobs section and search for the job role of a Banker.

BitLife Simulator Banker
Image via Candywriter

If you are unable to find any, close the app and restart it again for the job listings to be shuffled. After you have found the desired job role, apply for the same and crack the interview to get the job of a Banker. Work hard for 20 long years to get yourself promoted to the post of a Sr. Banker and complete the Banker Career Achievement.

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