BitLife Simulator: Tips to become a Detective in the game

Enjoy solving crime scenes by becoming a Detective in BitLife Simulator!

BitLife Simulator offers you many careers and life choices options from where you can choose your desired options. In the game, you can become anything that you wish to be. Starting from an Actor, a Carpenter, a Bartender, a Detective, etc., etc., there are so many that we can desire to become in BitLife Simulator. Some of the players fancy becoming an investigator and investigating crime scenes. For those, becoming a detective in the game is the best career option to choose. In this guide, we will discuss how you can become a detective in BitLife Simulator.

How to become a Detective in BitLife Simulator

Stats Requirements

For becoming a Detective in BitLife Simulator, the first and foremost thing that you need to check upon is your smarts stats. Smarts stats above 90 is preferable for meeting the primary requirement. For making your smarts stats high, you can visit the library often, read books and score good grades by studying harder in your school and college life. This is how you can maintain your smarts stats.

Take your Driving License Test

In BitLife Simulator, it is very important to take your driving license test as it works wonders while you are finding jobs. The Driving license test appears when you are at 16 years of age when you have just passed high school.

A random road sign will appear asking you what the sign is indicating. If you give the correct answer to the question, you will successfully pass the driving test, but in case you fail, you need to again take the driving test by going to the Managing licenses option in the game.

Choosing the appropriate course at the University

Now many players fall into this dilemma in choosing the appropriate major so as to earn a Detective profession. Criminal Justice is the best course to choose here to gather a good amount of experience regarding criminology. If you cannot find the appropriate major then the reason might be your low smart stats or you were unlucky. In that case, look for the courses which offer you to study Law. Study harder and put extra effort to score good grades.

Applying for the Job

Once you complete graduation, it is now when you should start looking for jobs offering you job roles of Jr. Detective or a Jr. Private Investigator. Apply for the same if you luckily found any one of those job roles and crack the interview to land your dream job of becoming a Jr. Detective.

BitLife Simulator Detective
Image via Candywriter

A Jr. Detective or a Jr. Investigator then needs a 10-year experience to finally become a Sr. Detective. The job of a Detective is a very high-paying job and you can definitely enjoy yourself getting involved in solving mysteries and eradicating crimes in your city.

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