BitLife Simulator: Tips to become a Marine Biologist in the game

Explore what's under the sea by becoming a Marine Biologist in BitLife Simulator!

BitLife Simulator is an addictive simulation game offering dozens of life choices and careers to choose from. There is an endless number of interesting professions that you can choose and become in BitLife Simulator. One such job, that players may want to become in the game is a Marine Biologist. While targeting for this job is surely not an easy task as there are certain challenges you may face around. In this guide, we will be discussing how you can become a Marine Biologist in BitLife Simulator.

How to be a Marine Biologist in BitLife Simulator

Stats Requirements

As mentioned, becoming a Marine Biologist in BitLife Simulator is not an easy job. The primary thing you need to focus on while aiming to become one is to focus on high smarts stats. For high smarts stats to be achieved, you need to visit the library often, read books, and score good grades in your school and college life. Players need to study harder and put extra effort also. You need to maintain your smarts stats you need to ensure that you continue studying harder for good grades.

After leaving High School

As you complete your high school, it is now when you enroll yourself in a university. While enrolling yourself, look for Biology as your major. The course will be for 4 years and you need to focus on studying harder to maintain your smarts. Continue reading books and paying visits to the library often.

Once you complete your four years of college successfully, your character will now want to enroll in a graduate school which will take 2 years. Again your character will need to focus on his smart stats and maintain that by studying harder and performing activities like going to the library often and reading books.

Applying for the Job

As you become a graduate, your character can now look for the jobs in the occupation tab under the Full-time jobs list. Players may not find the job of a Marine Biologist at one go.

BitLife Simulator Marine Biologist
Image via Candywriter

They should then exit and restart the application for the list of the jobs to be refreshed. After you have successfully found the job of a Jr. Marine Biologist, apply for the same and work hard until you get promoted to a Marine Biologist.

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