BitLife Simulator: Tips to become a Social Media star or Influencer

Know how to gain a social media presence in Bit Life Simulator!

BitLife Simulator is a simulation game where you write down your own story decisions and make choices on how you want to lead your life. If you are looking to lead a life full of fame and recognition in social media, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will be discussing how to become a Social Media Star or an Influencer in BitLife Simulator.

BitLife Simulator offers you multiple life choices and career options from where you select the desired career option to progress in the game. If you are looking for gaining fame in the social media world, then you need to work on managing your social identity by posting regular dance videos, vlogs, sexy pictures, family photos, etc. That is how you gain followers and viewers and make progress.

How to become a Social Media star or Influencer in BitLife Simulator

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok account in order to start your journey in social media. Make sure that your character’s looks and attractiveness are on point as they really help you gain followers and subscribers, be it on Instagram or YouTube. Ensure that your looks, smarts, and happiness bars are at least above 80 to help you build a good and appealing social media presence.

After you have successfully created all of your social media accounts, the task now primarily lies to post daily content be it a video, a selfie, a vlog, or maybe something else in every social media account. This is how you will get to gain a presence on Social media slowly. And sometimes if luck really favors you, then your one skit video or a dance video can go viral on any of the platforms resulting in your gain of followers and subscribers.

Sometimes you will be trolled by some random accounts in your posts and you need to choose how will you respond to those negative comments. Choose wisely on how you want to respond to those critics because nevertheless they indirectly depend upon your presence on social media. A wrong step can lead to your losing of followers. Keep posting about anything on a frequent basis until and unless the fame bar appears.

Becoming an Actor can ease your way to an Influencer

Actor Bit Life Simulator, Bit Life Social Media Star
Image via Candywriter

Becoming an Actor in the first place makes things easier for you. As you put in hard work and climb up the ladders of success in Acting, you gradually become a well-known face among the people. This is indeed the best way of gaining millions of followers in the easiest and most efficient way.

Although you will not experience a huge increase in your follower’s count as soon as you become an Actor. You need to be patient and calm and invest time in increasing your happiness, smarts, and looks. Buying real estate, villas and expensive rides will also help you in gaining followers and subscribers. Become rich and also make your social media presence rich.

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