BitLife Simulator: Tips to become a Stripper in the game

Kick start your profession as a Stripper in BitLife Simulator!

As many BitLife fans already know that they can become whatever they want in the game. The game offers a variety of life choices and careers and you can choose whatever you desire to be. Some players fancy becoming a Stripper in the game and there are various reasons why a player may show interest in that profession. In this guide, we will be discussing how you can become a Stripper in BitLife Simulator.

How to become a Stripper in BitLife Simulator

Stats Requirements

The primary thing that you need to focus on if you aim at becoming a Stripper in BitLife Simulator is to check up on your Looks stats. The higher the looks stats, the higher the chances of getting selected for this job role. To become a Stripper, you don’t need any higher educational qualifications and a mere higher secondary school qualification will land you this job. To increase your look stats, you can hit the gym, go to the spa, do a manicure and pedicure ( only if the character is female), etc. Doing these activities will help you in maintaining a high looks stat further helping you to get your desired job as a Stripper.

Applying for the Job

Once you have successfully maintained your looks stats over the years, it is now the time when you should start looking for the job role of a Stripper or an Exotic Dancer( female).

BitLife Simulator Stripper
Image via Candywriter

Players should get to the Fulltime Jobs section then and search for any jobs which are offering the role of a Stripper or an Exotic Dancer. Upon a successful finding of the job role, apply for the position and crack the interview to get hired as a Stripper. The players should then work hard and put extra effort into their workplace to get a raise.

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