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Black Desert Mobile Guide: 5 Tips to increase the Combat Power (CP)

In Black Desert Mobile, combat power is really important since the game focuses on Competitive Open-PK Maps and Guild Wars. It is also one of the most important stat to make you climb to the Top Spot consisting of Attack (AP) and Defense (DP). Here are some few tips & tricks to boost your Black Desert Mobile CP in no time.

1. Always finish main quests and enhance equipment

black desert mobile

BDM is a sandbox-oriented MMORPG. It is different from other mobile MMORPG’s because it offers a different experience for players to enjoy the game without being bored, but doing the main quest is really important to unlock new maps, unlock new perks for camp, and high-level equipment to farm. Also, enhancing your equipment as the game progress will help you a lot to boost your combat power to avoid being stuck on that certain part of the quest. Always check the Recommended CP for every map for the better farming experience.

2. Know the best Gear resonance/enhancement tricks

gear resonance, black desert mobile

Enhancing equipment with the same refinement level will give you additional stats. Also, higher rarity equipment is more efficient but costly when it comes to enhancing as you need more black stones and silvers. Always enhance your equipment with a 100% success rate to save up money. BDM doesn’t make your equipment disappear when you fail to enhance thus it will only make your equipment enhancement % level when enhancing back to 0. You can also try doing the 10% enhance gamble if you already have a high refinement level of equipment since it’s much cheaper and the element of surprise.

3. Pet skills for Black Spirit levelling

pet black desert mobile

Pet is not only for looting but also quite useful for cp boosting if you have the Dark Energy EXP. It will give you a high amount of exp when feeding equipments to your Black Spirit. Get Pets with Dark Energy EXP as much as you can by buying it on the market through auction/bidding. Or, you can earn Black Pearls to get the Weekly Tier 1 Pet in the Shop for 400BP. Also, don’t forget to use all the 3 slots for pets until you have extra to fuse them to get Dark Energy EXP.

4. Boss Rush for Boss knowledge

boss in black desert mobile

Doing Boss Rush is really helpful not only for farming silvers & Shakatu coins, but you can also farm Lightstone Fragments and a chance to get a red/orange 2-slotted equipment depending on the boss you fought with. If you’re a F2P and just want to focus on getting combat power from boss knowledge then you should prioritize to kill these bosses: Giath, Uraka, Ferrids for Attack (AP) while Dastard Bheg, Titium, Kelcas, Illezra’s Servant for Defense (DP). You can do higher combat power bosses until 200 combat power difference with ease. Just make sure you have enough potions before doing Boss Rush.

5. Craft crystals for Branch damage

black desert mobile crystals

Don’t forget to craft crystals for additional raw CP. BDM is still on its early stages so it is alright to prioritize crystals that give you combat power like attack/defense over crit/attack speed for now. You can compensate those later in the game with lightstones and accessories. Try to focus building up your preferred branch damage. Just stick to 2 branch damage, for example, Aal/Ahib for Witch & Ranger, Aal/Labreve For Giant, & Ahib/Serrett for Warrior. Building the right branch damage will give you a huge advantage on the Arena. And you can fight neck to neck with higher CP players if you have maxed them out efficiently.

We hope this Black Desert Mobile guide will be useful for you to increase the combat power (CP). If you have any more tips, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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