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Black Desert Mobile crossed 20 Million installs already

Black Desert Mobile took the mobile market by storm. Loved by many, it has been able to captivate its player base like no other. Now, numbers reveal that the series is growing stronger and healthier than ever. The game made its way into mobile just two months ago, back in December. Since then, Black Desert Mobile has managed to surpass the 20 million installs mark. This was shown by Pearl Abyss US CEO, Jeonghee Jin, during a showcase of the game at Pocket Gamers Connect London 2020.

“Black Desert is now one of the most popular MMORPGs in the Asian market.”

Surprising numbers

Alongside the number of installs, we got some surprising numbers. Being the first one in the series, as a whole, it has already reached 1.5 billion in revenue. Another interesting fact is that the entire player base of Black Desert consists of 30 million players. This means that two-thirds of its players come from mobile, something that proves the importance of mobile gaming even further.

We don’t know how much of that revenue came from mobile. However, it was stated last year that mobile accounted for nearly a third of the sales. Numbers will grow as Black Desert Mobile gains more installs over 2020.

In the same talk, four new projects were commented to be planned. Some of them were showcased during G-Star 2019 event. Among those is Crimson Desert, Black Desert’s successor.

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