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Black Desert Mobile Hashashin Class Guide, Tips & Tricks

Hashashin has joined the class roster in Black Desert Mobile!

A sandstorm is coming to Black Desert Mobile! Today, Pearl Abyss announced the newest class to join the roster of their hit mobile MMORPG: Hashashin, the master of blistering winds and sand manipulation, and he is going to blow you away. Here’s our Hashashin Guide for Black Desert Mobile about how to play with him in the game, with a few tips & tricks.

About Hashashin

Hashashin taps into the power of the native Valencian god Aal in order to control the sands of the desert against his foes. He has the ability to whip up powerful sandstorms to chase down enemies or ambush them from above with deadly strikes. His mastery over Aal’s power also allows him to instantly teleport to nearby locations that he’s previously visited.

In true desert combat fashion, Hashashin wields a razor-sharp Shamshir sword as his weapon for melee combat. His main skill, Decent, is a deadly AOE attack where he jumps into the air and slams his Shamshir into the ground, sending out a ripple of sandstorms to shred his enemies.

Starting today, adventurers will be able to celebrate Hashashin’s arrival by playing through an epic series of events that will award a ton of useful items including ancient gold coins, advanced black crystals, relic fragments, tier 4 pets, and Advice of Valks by simply logging in to the game.

Now is truly the best time for new or veteran adventurers to jump into Black Desert Mobile. Those who manage to level up Hashashin to 60 during the celebration events will, for the first time ever, be able to earn Abyssal-grade accessories including the Jade Ring and Jade Bracelet. In addition, adventurers will receive a ‘Lvl 60 Character Generator Coupon’ allowing them to instantly level any character to 60.

Black Desert Mobile Hashashin class Tips and Tricks

Black Desert Mobile Hashashin Guide, black desert mobile
  • The Hashashin is an Ascended Class, and thus will automatically be ascended once created.
  • To acquire skills as a Hashashin, complete the Story Quest [The Boss, Red Nose] and then accept the quest [Remembering Power: Hashashin].
  • At Lv 1, the Hashashin will have 4 skills upon creation. After Lv 10, special missions can be accepted to acquire new skills.
  • The Hashashin, blessed with the powers of Aal, wields the Shamshir and commands the elements of the desert to penetrate enemy lines and assassinate targets.
  • As Aal’s Chosen, the powers of the desert are at the Hashashin’s command. He can summon and manipulate the elements of the desert, utilizing sand and heat into his attacks to make him all the more deadly.
  • His attacks persist after the initial strike, throwing surrounding enemies into disarray and giving him time to make his escape. Many have met their end by hesitating or underestimating this class, so be wary!

Did you find our Black Desert Mobile Hashashin guide helpful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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