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Black Desert Mobile: Tips and Tricks to Level up quickly

Black Desert Mobile is an RPG mobile game similar to that of World Of Warcraft. Along with the similarities, you have to grind out many levels to unlock the usage of some of the most powerful gear in the game. Thus, leveling up quickly is a must if you want to be a top-ranking player, or you just want to max out for fun. This will be a nice and quick guide on how you, the player, can level up quickly and efficiently in Black Desert Mobile.

1. Playing out the Main Storyline

The best way to level your characters in Black Desert Mobile is through the Main Story questline. When playing through the main quests, you will be given Gold, Items, and Exp upon completion of quests.

Level Up Quickly in Black Desert Mobile

The XP given is by far the most you will receive compared to doing anything else. You also get free gear and some quests give XP boosts which can make leveling just that much easier.

2. Using Experience Boosts

As stated previously, playing the main story quest can give you xp boosts. However, that’s not the only way, you can also obtain them through buying boosts in the shop with white / black pearls. Experience boosts are extremely helpful when you’re trying to speed up a grind.

For only one pearl, you can buy a chicken soup chest. Inside the chest are various boosts to your character which include, extra carry weight, xp boost, and increased drop rate percentage. The chicken soup chest is also going to tie in with my next point on how to grind out xp to level up quickly.

3. Using Black Spirit mode to grind

The Black Spirit mode is vital in afk farming / grinding. With black spirit mode, you are able to essentially minimize the game to work in the background while you do whatever else you want including turning off the device. This mode has three different types of grind available, fishing, gathering, and hunting.

Level Up Quickly in Black Desert Mobile

The mode you want to choose is hunting. If you can find yourself a great spot with high enemy count and decent drops, you can go into black spirit mode and leave the game. upon returning to the game, you will be shown a tab of everything that was gathered while you were gone. You will have also received (if lucky) some gear. The XP you gain while afking is worth it especially if you activate the mode right before bed.

4. Fishing for Experience

Quite possibly the easiest way to farm experience is through auto fishing. Whilst fishing brings in the motherload of experience points, it’s not very good at bringing in silver.

Level Up Quickly in Black Desert Mobile

Auto fishing is a great way to gather up XP with the trade-off of not getting much silver/items in the process. If you purely want to level a character without putting much thought into balancing, auto fishing is definitely the way to go. The black spirit mode even has an option with fishing which allows easy accessible afk XP grinding.

5. Boss rushing / Ancient Ruins

Lastly on our list of ways to grind out experience is boss rushing and ancient runes farming. Upon returning to your camp, you have the option to run a boss rush and or ancient ruins run. Both of these have their pros and cons when trying to get XP and loot. However, they tend to be a bit on the harder side of the spectrum. With decent items and skills, they should not be that big of a struggle.

Once again, the black spirit also has this as one of its afk modes. When selecting them, you are able to choose the difficulty of the run and how the spirit should go about fighting them. The difficulty can be set in stone and constantly beat difficulty that has previously been beat, or you can choose to scale up as far as you can. The higher the dungeon, the more XP and loot you will receive.


Grinding out experience in black desert mobile is going to take some time. However, many items and boosts can be utilized to make this grind somewhat easier. Most of the ways to grind listed are focus on AFK farming/leveling with the exception of the main questline.

Of all the ways to level up, fishing is definitely the best way to level up. However, it is a very poor way to level in the sense that you’re going to be very weak with low-level gear and not much silver to your name. Hunting is the best all-around way of getting silver and experience; paired up with a boost, you can obtain a huge load of gear and junk to sell for loads of silver.

We hope you find these tips and tricks to level up quickly in Black Desert Mobile Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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