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Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide: Easy steps to breed and tame

Starting out in Black Desert Mobile, the player has to walk around using their own two legs which can be pretty tiresome since the distance between the quest to quest is rather large. However, Black Desert Mobile quickly remedies this by giving the player a horse! Horses in Black Desert Mobile are the main and only method of quick transport on foot. This makes horses very important to most players. Whilst the starting horse may feel like a godsend to some, to others it may feel as though it only helps slightly and can be annoying to level up and or train. Thus, many players may leave their horses at a low tier or level and just opt out to do something else while they venture to new lands on their horse. This can be easily changed with a few simple steps and a variety of ways to obtain new and improve horses. Here we give a Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide, where you’ll find a very easy to understand and rather simple guide to horse breeding.

Easy steps to breed horses in Black Desert Mobile

1. Learn the requirements of Horse breeding first

Breeding in Black Desert Mobile is a very simple process that most players tend to overlook. It all starts out with the registration of your horses. For obvious reasons, you’ll need one male horse and one female horse. Both of these horses MUST be level 10. To achieve level 10 on a horse you’ll need to ride it around until it gains enough experience points. This is usually done in the background whenever you’re hunting with the black spirit offline, or auto boss rushing. If a horse has reached level 10 you can switch to a new one to begin the levelling process again. Once you’ve acquired 2 levels 10 horses, you can take them to the stable in your camp. do remember that breeding is only possible in the stable in your camp.

2. Visit the Stable in the Camp

Once you’ve acquired your 2 levels 10 horses the breeding process can begin. If you aren’t already, return to your camp and access the stable. Upon opening the stable you’ll be greeted by a fairly simple to read user interface. On the left of your screen, you’ll see the current horse’s stats. This is important because This is where you will be able to see the level and tier of your horse. The highest tier horse you can acquire without buying/breeding is tier 4.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

3. Start breeding

Now to begin breeding, you have to tap/click on the breeding tab to the right side of the screen. Upon clicking it, you’ll be shown a list of all the horses you have that are level 10 and ready to be bred.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

You’ll have to pick which 2 horses you want to breed on the right. However, if you select a horse that has a tier higher or lower than the rest of the horses you own, you won’t be able to breed it with any other horses. The list will disappear.

As you can see below, this is the highest tier horse. No other horses are tier 4, so we can’t currently breed it with anything else.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

But here you can see with this horse, its currently at tier 1. We also have another tier 1 horse that is available to breed with it.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

4. Choose how your horse would look like

Once you have 2 horses you would like to breed, you can now pick an appearance. This will determine how your horse looks after the breeding process is complete.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

5. All set and done

After the breeding process is said and done, you’ll be greeted with this screen. On the left, you’ll see the level of the horse along with the tier, move speed, and inventory/weight. Below that, you’ll see the bond buff and its abilities. To the right, you will be able to name your horse.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

Now that you have the horse you want, you can travel to distant lands a lot quicker.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

Easy steps to tame your horse in Black Desert Mobile

The next thing that we will discuss in this guide is how to tame your horse. Horse taming is fairly easy compared to the process of breeding. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Finding a horse

To find a horse you can open up the map and look for zones where wild horses are. The icon you want to look for is this:

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

Once you find these locations on your map you just walk on over to them and look around for a horse. If in some cases there are no horses, you can just move on to a new location and look for another one.

2. Taming your Horse

In order to tame a wild horse, you need 1 specific item: Horse Taming Rope. With this item, you can tame horses anywhere on the map. There another item you can use to up your chances to tame a horse but it’s not necessary: raw sugar. With raw sugar, you can up the percentage of taming by 10% per cube.

Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide

When taming the horse, you have to play a mini-game. to win the mini-game you have to line up the green dot inside of the green bar. If the dot dips outside of the green bar it‘ll turn red and if you stay out for too long, you’ll fail the taming process. However, if you manage to stay in the bar for the 3 ticks of the mini-game, you will earn yourself a new horse! Once you’re done naming the horse, it’ll automatically be sent to the stable in your camp awaiting further orders.

We hope you find this Black Desert Mobile Horse Breeding Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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