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Black Desert Mobile Node Manager Guide: Make 30 million silver in 6 steps

In Black Desert Mobile, node manager is a great source to farm black stones, black pearls, ruins tablets, boss stamps, and get more silver! It requires several of your precious workers but the rewards are worth it. You can receive up to 48 good black stones from one secret node which is worth about 12 million silver. On an average day, you can check the node manager to receive about 30 million silver worth of items with just 9 workers. If you login every couple hours to store items on your horse or sell in town then just a minute extra of your time can yield much more income.

How to access the node manager in Black Desert Mobile?

You can access the node manager from the overview tab then the left side of the screen below arena marked [Node] or from within your camp at the trading post.

black desert mobile node manager

Basics about the Node Manager

Generally, you want to get to camp level 4 or 5 before you start sending your maximum number of workers to node manager. The more you use node manager to level it up, the more workers you can send as well as more nodes you can occupy, and you have a higher chance to double your collection items.

You must occupy each previous node in the line to access a node further away from your camp. If you have extra workers that are not going to finish harvesting a node before your secret node is finished or thereabouts it may be better to send them gathering instead in the camp gathering. You may visit node manager from time to time to pick up fortunes notated by a hand icon to get free gifts. Careful gathering items from a node with a long collect time (AP/DP/HP Skill books) because if it has 1 minute left on collecting a second item and you collect it early, the time will reset back to 4 hours instead of 1 minute.

How to make more silver from the Black Desert Mobile node manager

1. Fix the issues on the route to node

Whenever you see the ‘issue on the road’ or ‘an accident has occurred’ message in your notifications, immediately fix it because you are no longer farming nodes when this occurs on your route to a node.

2. Maintain the workflow

Always have at least one worker in node manager to ensure you maintain your fame

3. Balance the quality workers with quantity

I suggest sending your lowest quality workers to hold the nodes except 1 which is a very high dexterity gold worker. If you can hold 5 nodes and 9 total workers, send 4 white quality workers, 1 gold worker. Then the rest for harvesting items in the nodes should be high dexterity workers of green, blue, purple, and gold. I also suggest naming your workers in node manager: node1, node2, etc incase you take them out of node manager to gather.

4. Schedule the workers properly

Schedule your workers to farm the fastest items such as gold trinkets to sell to shops, white skill book chests, green skill book chests, poor armor or poor weapon black stones, and boss stamps. If you are going to actively play the game, check node manager frequently and collect items until you get a secret node then stop and do not collect anything until the secret node is destroyed (but still do step 1).

5. Secret Node Collecting

Set up new nodes to route to the secret node, withdraw workers until you can path your way to the secret node. Then setup for slightly longer collection time items such as blue skill books. It is advised to collect and withdraw workers to path to a secret node. You can earn 12 million silver from a single secret node with good black stones and a double bonus.

6. Plan for the time when you are away

When you are going to sleep or be away from the game for 4 or more hours, set your workers to harvest AP/DP/HP skill book nodes, black pearl nodes, blue skill book nodes, and fair armor or weapon nodes. When you return, collect secret nodes first then the slower harvest items until a secret node opens up again and go back to step 1

node manager black desert mobile

Some more information

Worker stats for node manager

node manager bdm

High Vitality workers are going to be for gathering resources but in node manager vitality allows a discount on food used for farming nodes. The high Strength of the workers will give more node manager experience so this is a big bonus.

High Dexterity allows your worker to possibly gather double the amount of items at a node based on dexterity and your bonus based on node manager level. Dexterity > Strength > Vitality


node manager guide

To retain fame, you must keep at least 1 worker in node manager working at a node. Once you receive 500 fame your node rewards are at the highest tier. You receive the most beneficial items in nodes such as black pearls and AP/DP/HP skill books. It will take you a very long time to max node manager level so start working on it today. The higher your node manager level, the more workers you may send, more nodes you may hold, and your chance of receiving double harvested materials increases.

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