BlockEpic Beginners Guide and Tips

Build a colourful world with bricks!

BlockEpic is a user-generated simulation game platform, developed by Gality and published by Cryptoblockepic. This game is a simulation construction game where the players can build an environment and neighborhood from scratch using bricks and their creativity. The game consists of a neighborhood building, building elements, avatars and avatar building, and community-based socialized gaming. In this BlockEpic beginners guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

As soon as the player enters the game, they are shown descriptive images of how the game can be played and what basic gaming features are present to be utilized by the player. The player is shown that they can build a colorful and beautiful world with bricks, create various items with bricks, build their home and community, create new avatars, and play together with friends.

BlockEpic house
Image via Cryptoblockepic

The main motto of the game is to build a home and community in the most creative and beautiful way in which the players see fit and complete tasks on the streets of the city. The tasks are given as the basis of repairing, redecorating, and saving the infrastructure. When the player moves along the neighborhood he or she may find different tasks that need to be finished. Few tasks require different sizes of brick or tile. The bricks can be placed by either using arrow navigation or by dragging them into place.

Introducing the basics of BlockEpic

The arrow navigation for bricks has all kinds of orientations which can be used to rotate and see what will fit the requirement. The places which need to be fixed with bricks are usually highlighted and shown what size and type of brick is necessary for it.

Brick Selection and Navigation

After the player enters the game, he or she can see that when they enter the tasks like repairs in the game, they will need to select and place appropriate bricks to finish the task.

  • Brick Selection: After entering the task, the players can see objects which need building, rebuilding, or repair. The parts which need to be built or rebuilt will shine with a red outline. The player can see the sizes available and the sizes needed. And the player will choose accordingly.
BlockEpic bricks
Image via Cryptoblockepic
  • Navigation of Bricks: After selecting the appropriate brick for the building, rebuilding, or repairing it, the player needs to place it in the correct spot to finish the task. This can be done using two available navigation methods. One navigation method is using the arrows to move the brick and place it in place. The arrows are activated on the screen after the player taps on the brick. Another method of navigation is simply by tapping and holding on to the brick and dragging it into the required place.

On the bottom left of the screen, the players can see an arrow bar. This can be used to move the avatar representing the player around. This arrow icon disappears after some time when it’s not in use and can be activated easily by dragging your finger across the left bottom side of the screen. To rotate the view of the screen, there is a rotation icon on the bottom right side of the screen. This can be held and moved around to change the perspective view direction of the player.

Emojis and Greetings

As it’s already known, this is a community sociable game. And interactions play a great part in making the game experience better. The player can interact with other players using gestures and emojis. The icon for these is not present on the screen but it can be activated when the player double-taps anywhere on the screen.

Upon double tapping on the screen, a popup list of all the gestures and emojis pop up on the top right of the screen. It has a range of options for gestures and emojis. As soon as the player clicks on the cross button, the list disappears until it’s called by double-clicking again.

Build, Rebuild, Repair, and Deco

Every time the player navigates their avatar near the constructions or spaces with scope for construction, an icon showing construction tools appears on the right side of the screen. Upon clicking on it the player can see the possibilities available for them to perform on that particular structure or item.

BlockEpic gameplay
Image via Cryptoblockepic

The deco option is always available for all the objects and structures when the avatar walks past them. The deco option helps the players to arrange their space as per their requirements. The objects can be navigated and moved using either the arrows navigation method or by dragging and dropping them around.

BlockEpic Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

BlockEpic is an effortless easy-going construction simulation game. It is pretty easy to play but a few tricks and tips might always help you get a better understanding:

  • While navigating, always check for exclamation marks to see what possible tasks or construction possibilities are available.
  • Use the deco option to beautify your community or house
  • While playing with friends you can build a community together.

That was all you need to know about BlockEpic before playing the game. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our guide for tips. Happy gaming!

That’s all from us for BlockEpic Beginners Guide! Did you find our BlockEpic beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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