Bloons TD Battles 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Prove that you have what it takes to enter the fabled Hall of Masters and seize your glory!

Bloons TD Battles 2, is a competitive tower defense game developed and released by Ninja Kiwi for Steam and mobile devices. A direct sequel to Bloons TD Battles 1 and derivative game of Bloons TD 6, Bloons TD Battles 2 is the latest game in the Bloons Tower Defense series. Here in this Bloons TD battles 2 beginners guide, we will introduce players to the game’s core mechanics and how to get started, what all do you need to know to progress faster, and how to improve your gaming experience.

Gameplay overview

Bloons TD Battles 2 keeps the various augmentations from Bloons TD 6, including Heroes, tower XP, a new 3rd upgrade path for the units, etc. Furthermore, Bloons TD Battles 2 debuts new features developed for this version of the game, including reworked graphics, an overhauled Bloon sending system, and a trophy-based progression system, unlike the Medallions from Bloons TD Battles 1.

Introducing the basics of Bloons TD Battles 2

1. Gameplay, tower and heroes

The principle of Bloons TD Battles 2 remains unchanged from its predecessor: the player must prevent enemy balloons, known as “Bloons”, from completing their track and pop them before they complete the track using various towers, which are different monkey units, and various buildings. In doing so, the player must earn coins and buy Bloons to attack the enemy player and deplete their health bar, while they are dealing with other waves of bloons.

 battle school
Battle school

When starting an account for the first time, Quincy, the first hero that you have unlocked, will prompt the player to go to the Battle School tutorial. The Battle School consists of four lesson matches, the first two of which are required to complete in order to access the online game. Each of these lessons focuses on a core game mechanic including building and upgrading towers, sending enemy bloon attacks, earning income, and taking advantage of enemy weaknesses, and timing the bloon attacks to deplete their health. If you complete all 4 lessons, the hero Gwendolin will be unlocked as well as some avatars and banners.

In each game, both players are presented with a vertically split symmetrical map. Player 1 is assigned the left side and Player 2 is assigned the right side. Players can only interact with the map on their side. On each map, there are one or more paths that Bloons will traverse. When reaching the exit on the side of a player, Bloons subtract a certain number of lives from the total of 150 life points of this player.

Bloons TD battles 2 Bloon camp
Bloon camp

The first player to reach zero life loses. In this way, the main goal of BTDB2 is to get the other player to lose all lives first. The two main game mechanics that the players use to achieve this goal are defense and attack. Players choose their heroes and three towers that are assigned before the party begins. There is limited time to choose heroes and tower gear and mock each other’s heroes. A map is then randomly selected, but either player can skip a map once per pre-round selection. In the loadout menu, both players will reveal their heroes but not their tower loadout.

Bloons TD battles 2 results
Bloons TD battles 2 results

Players defend themselves against bloons by using 22 types of monkey towers, which have various specialties (although 5 of these towers are not monkeys). Players pull the towers from the menu bar and place them on their respective sides of the map.

Then most of the towers will automatically Aim and attack the Bloons with a variety of darts, swords, magic bolts, acid and more projectiles, each best suited for various cases and the classes of the monkey. Each tower can also be upgraded to become even more powerful. There are 4 special kinds of monkeys, called heroes: a special type of tower that exists as an independent character. Only one hero can be equipped and exist per player in each game. Heroes upgrade themselves automatically, becoming increasingly stronger.

red bloon camp
Red Bloon camp

To attack each other, players use their money to buy Bloon packs, groups of Bloons that appear on the other player’s bloon path. There are several types of bloon sends, the cost, and availability of which will vary during the round. Also, for all non-MOAB (Massive Ornery Air Blimp) bloon sends. it will increase the money generated by a small amount, I.e., you will receive income for sending out bloon packs to attack the enemy.

A player wins the game if the other player loses all 150 lives. If this does not occur before the end of Round 40, then the player with the most lives wins. Also, if both players have the exact same number of lives, Sudden Death is activated, where the first player to leak a bloon will lose. If both players survive sudden death until round 50, then the match will end in a draw.

2. In-game currency, experience, Battle points and Trophies

Money is the main currency in Bloons TD Battles 2. It is used to buy Bloons towers, upgrades, and supplies, which makes it an extremely important resource in the game. Bloons (with the exception of some updates like Bloon Trap). Instead, a cash increment is added to the player’s bank every 6 seconds. This monetary increment is shown in green at the top center of the screen and is called an eco. Eco increases by sending bloons. Sending MOAB class Bloons in subsequent rounds will deduct from Eco. The second main method of generating money is to use Banana Farms, a tower that produces bananas that give money when tapped/clicked.

Both players start with $ 650 and $ 250 Eco and can start placing towers right at the start of the game. 6 seconds after the start of the game, round 1 begins, and players can start sending Bloons. In the course of the rounds further bloon packs, or sends will be activated.


After completing a game, players can earn Monkey Money to buy base towers, XP (experience points) to unlock upgrades and cosmetic items for their towers and heroes, Battle Points for random reward chests and trophies. If a player wins a game, he gets more XP and Battle Points and atrophy (two if the player completes three or more games on a streak). If a player loses a game, they will get a normal level of XP and Battle Points, but they will lose a trophy (unless they play at Red Bloon Camp, the lowest arena). In the event of a tie, neither player wins or loses trophies.

Battles 2 has seasons and comes with season passes that allow access to additional skins and cosmetics under the “Bling” option. There are many more options for customizing the game and adding skins and cosmetics to Towers, Heroes, Bloons, and the UI.

3. Monkeys, Heroes, and Bloons

Bloons TD Battles 2 currently has 22 monkeys and 4 heroes who help against the Bloons. These monkeys are divided into four classes: primary, military, magic, and support.

The monkeys range from the simple dart monkey to the almighty super monkey, each with its own unique attacks, skills, and strengths. Unlike Battles 1, the towers are bought with Monkey Money and can be upgraded to a total of 15 upgrades, which are divided into 3 routes with 5 upgrades, where a player can get two routes: 1 route to level 5 and another route to level 2. If someone updates one route and then another, the unselected route will be closed. For example, if you pick a longer range and barbed darts for the monkey sub, the third upgrade path with the upgrade twin guns will close off.

Monkeys, Heroes, and Bloons
Monkeys, Heroes, and Bloons

Unlike normal towers, only one hero can be placed on the track for each game, and they will automatically earn the XP required to upgrade, which makes them all the more useful the earlier they are placed. There are 4 heroes who gain a fixed amount of experience each round and automatically level up to get stronger over time. However, they can also be upgraded immediately in the game for a sum of money. The more XP a hero already has, the less money is needed to upgrade the hero to the next level price.

Players send out bloons by interacting with the bloon buttons located on the side of the screen that is contained in the opponent’s territory. Sending them costs some money, but returns an eco-bonus (at least on non-MOAB class sends) to maximize revenue production over time and force the other player to respond appropriately to the Bloon attacks, and distract them. When sending out bloons, players have the option to add the reinforced properties, camouflage, and fortified properties to the bloons for an additional charge. These properties do not affect the echo that is received or lost when Bloons are sent.


From round 8 onwards, players can add regrowth to non-MOAB class sends, which makes them 1.6 times more expensive. From round 12 onwards, players can add the camouflage trait to non-MOAB class sends, making them 2.2 times more expensive. Starting in turn 19, players can add fortify to lead, ceramic, and MOAB grade supplies, doubling the cost. Shipments that are not affected by a specific property do not get more expensive when that property is enabled (i.e., MOAB class shipments don’t get more expensive when Regrowth or Camouflage is enabled, and most regular Bloons sends don’t get more expensive when attached is activated).

4. Maps, Game modes and Arenas

Currently, there are 11 maps in Bloons TD Battles 2. Maps are not separated by difficulty. Notably, all maps in the game so far guarantee have water.

  • Garden – A grassy track that appears to take place in some sort of park, with statues, pools, and barns, somewhat similar to Quad.
  • Bloontonium Mines – A track that takes place in a cavern filled with red crystalline Bloontonium.
  • Castle Ruins – A track that seems to take place in the ruins of castle turrets.
  • Koru – A spiral-shaped track that looks almost identical to Swamp from bloons TD battles.
  • Sands of Time – An hourglass-shaped track taking place in a desert oasis, with bodies of water and cherry blossoms.
  • In the Wall – made with bricks and, with a large brick wall.
  • Mayan – A temple-themed track that seems to be made of big stone blocks.
  • Glade – A track that takes place in the clearing of a forest, with a few pools of water.
  • Basalt Columns – A hexagon-shaped track with large basalt columns.
  • Docks – A map taking place on some docks, with containers and nautical equipment.
  • Dino Graveyard – A map resembling an archeological dig, with dinosaur fossils strewn about the track.

There is currently only 1 game mode, which is the basic Battle Arena game mode. In which players compete in order to earn trophies. Arenas are the way of the game to track your progress in Battle Arena mode. Players level up by winning games to earn trophies that determine the arena the player is in.

Maps, game modes and arenas
Maps, game modes, and arenas

Players can lose trophies by losing games and being relegated. There are 8 normal arenas and 1 special arena known as the Hall of Masters. In this arena, players are ranked on a leaderboard for each season of Bloons TD Battles 2 rather than relying on trophies.

5. Customization, Monkey Masteries, profile and Hero Rewards

Bling is the name for most of the cosmetic options in Bloons TD Battles 2, including Emoticons, Bloon Stickers, MOAB Skins, Pop FX, and Boost FX. Avatar icons and banners are also considered bling, although they are not listed in the bling collection. Bling is based on a seasonal system in which specific bling is offered for sale for each season.

Customization, Monkey Masteries, profile and Hero rewards
Customization, Monkey Masteries, profile, and Hero rewards

Profile records stats for the player. It contains a number of parameters for stuff they have, like the top monkeys you have used, player’s arena, top heroes, and top bloon sends, along with overall stats. Players can customize certain parts of the profile, such as profile avatars, banners, borders, and medals.

Hero rewards
Hero rewards

When all upgrades are unlocked for a monkey, the monkey mastery will be unlocked for that particular monkey. Here the player can pay Monkey XP and Monkey Money to unlock special monkey-specific customization options, including location animations, idle animations, sell animations, and the ability to name monkeys of this species. Some bling can also be unlocked, but those Cosmetics must be unlocked in turn.

Bloons TD battles 2 Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the additional tips in our Bloons TD Battles 2 Beginners Guide to help you get started with your initial journey.

  • For the early game, a new player will need to quickly rush to get the most powerful T3 upgrades as soon as possible. Earlier the towers have their T3 upgrades, the better it is for the defense, and then they can focus on attack.
  • You get double XP if you win, and you also get double XP again if you watch an advertisement. With VIP access, which can only be bought with in-app purchases, it gives 4x XP, to which adding a watched advertisement increments it to 5x. This exp is crucial, as it will be utilized to unlock T4 and T5 for the new units.
  • More importantly, if players loose super early in the round, no battle points, monkey money, or trophies are earned. Hence, deliberate death games are not a valid strategy for winning anything other than Tower XP.
Bloons TD battles 2 gameplay overview
  • With the gathered Monkey Money, use it to unlock new towers. Heroes are very expensive, so it’s mainly just Quincy or Gwen for heroes. Focus on buying towers first with the Monkey Money. Cosmetics should be prioritized later at all costs.
  • Most players will start off with a very small subset of towers and heroes. Dart, Tack, and Bomb will be the first towers to unlock. And for heroes, expect either Quincy or Gwen. Certain other towers, usually of Primary, Military, or Magic, will be the selection of towers unlocked by players. The aim here is to find a weakness around the limited selection of towers and their upgrades.
  • Spaced Yellows can be used to overwhelm an opponent who is bad against spaced bloons. Other spaced bloon options can be used to harass the opponent against certain weak spots, such as White weaknesses against Ice Monkeys, Black weaknesses against Bomb Shooters, and so on.

That’s all for today’s Bloons TD Battles 2 beginners guide. Did you find our Bloons TD Battles 2 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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