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Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide and Tips

Outsmart your foes in a unique strategic battle system

Botworld Adventure is an open-world RPG developed by Featherweight. The game has risen to popularity rapidly post-launch and rightfully so, with its beautiful setting and overall easy to master gameplay. The game starts with the players choosing an animal to represent themselves. Then, setting out on a journey to get all the bots in Botworld under their possession, or in other words, the players “gotta catch ‘em all”. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Getting Started

Botworld Adventure takes its players in a fantasy realm where they must help the protagonist collect every bot possible. The game enables its players to explore the mystical and unique Botworld to the fullest by collecting scraps and discovering new bots, on top of fighting enemies both easy to beat and difficult alike. Players need to upgrade their bots as time goes on to make sure the enemy bots in the wild forests and deserts are no match.

Through exploring and collecting materials, players will be able to own powerful bots of their own and create an all-star bot team that can crush any enemy bot. Players can also customize the bots’ powers and abilities and upgrade them. Players start by choosing to be either a cat, dog, buffalo or lizard and customize their characters to express their personalities.

Botworld Adventure scrapper coast
Scrapper coast

The gameplay of Botworld Adventure battles requires strategic tactics to overcome the enemy. Each bot in Botworld has its own unique perks and players must be able to utilize said perks to defeat the similarly unique enemy bots. Players can strategically position their bots to achieve victory and let the bots do their own AI thing on the battlefield, all the while helping their bots using an assortment of weapons that players will be able to control.

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure you fully utilize the Repair Cannisters

Botworld Adventure introduction
Botworld Adventure introduction

It is highly recommended that players ensure they can play for quite some time when going out exploring the wilderness. To leave Scavenger’s Landing and enter the wilds, players will be needed to provide 1 Repair Cannister to be allowed through the gate. Repair Cannisters are limited and require time to become full. Players are recommended to search through every inch of the area they can explore to get all the loot possible and make sure the Repair Cannister did not go to waste. 

2. Know when to withdraw

While players are encouraged to experience the game to its fullest by exploring the wilds, collecting loots, and defeating opponents, players will not be able to flex their power at the enemies 24/7. Players’ health bars, like repair canisters themselves, are not unlimited. The player’s health bar on the top left corner of the screen gets lower and lower as the damage dealt with the player’s bots during battles increases.

When the bar gets too low and repair canisters are not enough to fix the dilemma, it is safe to withdraw as soon as possible. This can be done via the Jetpack Home feature. Jetpacking home prevents encounters with further enemy bots and literally jetpacks the player to their home.

3. Try to finish all the tasks in the contracts to avail awesome loots

Soon into the game, players will be introduced to contract quests they have to complete to get cool rewards. These individual contracts are only completed after the tasks within the contracts are completed by the player. If players start working on completing a contract, they should get it over with as soon as possible before a new contract arrives a few hours later, after which players may be required to start all over again.

story quest
Story quest

The tasks within the contracts are fairly straightforward. Tap on the map on the top right corner to ensure you are going in the direction the task requires you to go. Completing the contracts enables players to get rewarded with cool loots like unlocking tokens and earning season rewards. Players can also choose to watch an ad for a new contract if there is a long time to go for the next contract quest

4. Know who to fight

Throughout the game, there are multiple varieties of enemies that players can fight to gain experience. This includes wild bots as well as bandits. While both the types of opponents are easily dispatchable, it is recommended that beginners fight mostly wild bots and not bandits, as wild bots are much easier to defeat and the rewards are similar anyway.

who to fight
Who to fight

Players can quickly defeat many wild bots when they require farming AI experience. Players also need to avoid fighting multiple enemies at once, as there will be no time to recharge the player’s bots’ health and the chance of victory will grow slimmer. If players want to run away from a chasing enemy, try to zigzag your way to stop them from catching you.

5. Level up your bots

After every match, Botworld Adventure distributes the experience points among all the player’s bots evenly. As a result, players should pick 3 bots that they enjoy playing with and want to level up and refrain from using any more bots while fighting.

Botworld Adventure bots
Botworld Adventure bots

Players are also recommended to level up the lower level bots by fighting with them when their other bots have already reached AI level 5. XP points stop increasing for bots that reach level 5 and thus become redundant. Avoiding using AI level 5 bots means the player’s lower level bots will get a chance to level up quickly with more XP, which would have been wasted on a level 5 AI. At the same time, players could try to ensure their victory by picking one AI level 5 bot and two other lower-level bots. If players find a bot they enjoy a lot, they should fight with it in every battle to make sure it levels up fast.

6. Deal lots of damage to enemies in battles

Before the battle begins, players can lure the enemies to turrets or landmines and deal damage to them. This works with recruits as well. This skill is even more useful in danger zones, as sometimes in danger zones, the enemies could even get killed via landmines or turrets.

Botworld Adventure game-play

The enemies will have a variety of bots, including ranged bots. Players can put one of their high damage bots closer to the enemy’s ranged bots, which will make it run away. At the same time, players need to ensure that enemy bots are far away from their own ranged bots to avoid getting dealt with damage. Players need to find bots that they enjoy playing with and deploy them to battles to win and also have fun. And don’t forget to always be on the lookout for scraps! Follow these tips to improve your skills quickly. Your faction needs you more than ever.

That’s all for today’s Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide. Did you find our Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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