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Brave Nine-Tactical RPG: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Acquire the best characters through easy rerolls!

Brave Nine-Tactical RPG is an RPG game featuring intuitive strategic battles and an epic story. The game is both developed and published by NEOWIZ for mobile devices. The plot follows as you take command of various mercenaries and lead them into battle to uncover the hidden truth. Since there is a heavy focus on formations and strategy for game content, acquiring powerful Mercenaries and Legends at the start will be very useful for a smooth experience. Our Brave Nine-Tactical RPG reroll guide to help you with just that.

How to reroll efficiently in Brave Nine-Tactical RPG

The game developers have given quite the leeway for rerolling. There are no specific restrictions for any reroll method. However, only one method is all that is needed for faster rerolling, which is the Account Reset method after every failed reroll.

Brave Nine-Tactical RPG reroll guide for Android Devices

  • Start the game and log in the game with a Google account.
  • Play through the tutorial and once it finishes, claim the premium currency, i.e., the Diamond from the MailBox or any other source you can find. Diamond is the currency used for rolling gacha. You will also find Premium Scrolls which are also used for the same. Aside from the Premium Scrolls, role-type Scrolls will be used to pull very specific characters. You can either save them for the future or use them in the rerolling.
  • Roll on your favorite banner, and if you get the Characters you wanted, then bind the account. If not, then continue.
  • To reset the account, the game developers have given a method in the in-game settings menu. Navigate to the game’s menu located on the top-left of the main lobby. There will be an option for Reset Data. Tap on that and input the code; you should get a fresh start on that same account. The account reset function can only be done after every 3 minutes so keep that in mind.
Brave Nine Tactical RPG Reroll guide
Image via Neowiz Games

Brave Nine-Tactical RPG reroll guide for iOS Devices

The same method as android one can be applied here. If that doesn’t work, the only option is to delete and reinstall the game after each unsuccessful reroll.

How to reroll on an Emulator for Brave Nine-Tactical RPG

Emulators are the go-to tools for rerolling most of the time compared to native Android and iOS. BlueStacks, LD player, and Memu are the most used emulators on the market, select any one of them. In general, rerolling emulators have all the needed features, so there is no need to fret over the perfect emulator, but read the documentation for the one you choose to understand how it works. To start with rerolling, follow these steps:

  • First, Install the game on a 64-bit instance. 64-bit will provide better performance and stability as compared to 32-bit.
  • Install the game on the base instance, but don’t open the game. Make clones of the base instance, and once there are 3-4 instances, start with rerolling on every instance except the base one.
  • Since the game has an in-built reset account option, there will be two ways for efficient rerolling. One way is to delete the bad reroll accounts and clone them again from the base instance or reset the accounts each time in all the instances. The second method should be relatively faster.
  • Whenever you get the perfect account with the best characters, bind it to any other third-party account.

How to bind a game account in Brave Nine-Tactical RPG

Brave Nine Tactical RPG Reroll Bind
Image via Neowiz Games

Navigate to Game’s Settings, and there you will see an option for an account link at the very bottom of the window.

What are your thoughts on our Brave Nine-Tactical RPG Reroll guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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