Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Guide: Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Brawl Ball is one of the most popular game modes in Brawl Stars. It is a 3v3 game mode where the objective is to shoot a ball into the other team’s goal, just like any football game. The first team to get two goals wins or the team with one point wins when the timer runs out. If the game goes into overtime and no goal is scored by the end of overtime, the game ends in a draw. There are different maps that warrant different brawlers just like every game mode. With that being said, we are going to give you the Brawl Stars Brawl Ball guide where we give the best tips in general which should help you out when it comes to playing this mode. Just be sure to use your best judgment.

Tips & Tricks for Brawl Stars Brawl Ball mode

1. You can break the walls in front of the enemy goal

Brawl stars brawl ball

Breaking the walls in front of the enemy team’s goal is one of the biggest factors when it comes to winning in the Brawl Stars Brawl Ball mode. When you choose brawlers who can break down walls, you will have a much easier time scoring on the other team’s goal, just be sure to not break the walls in front of your own goal, thus giving the opposing team an advantage. Some good brawler choices for breaking down walls include Frank, Shelly, Brock, El Primo, Dynamike, and Colt.

2. Try to apply pressure and stay alive

When the game first starts your first inclination may be to head straight for the ball. However, this is a common mistake new players tend to make and should be avoided. Instead, what you want to do is force the enemy team back by attacking them strategically and charging up your super.

Brawl stars brawl ball

Brawlers who are good for early game attacking include Brock, Mr. P, Sprout, and Tick. With Mr. P, Sprout, and Tick you can stay behind cover while attacking and avoiding taking damage and charging the enemy team’s supers. With Brock, you can stay a far distance away, and if you use his incendiary star power then you’ll be likely to wreak havoc on the enemy team while charging up your super.

3. You can use Sprout for life-saving moments

Sprout is one of the most OP brawlers to use in Brawl Ball. With his super, Sprout can effectively prevent the enemy team from scoring. If there are walls on either side of the goal, all you have to do is aim it in between the two walls and viola, the whole goal is covered and the enemy team cannot score for a few seconds unless they break down your hedge.

Brawl stars brawl ball

4. Always try forcing the opponent to use their attacks/shots

Most brawlers have a charge of three attacks in a row before they need to let their attack bars reload one at a time. Passing or shooting the ball uses one of your attack bars in addition to your normal attack. If you can force an enemy brawler to carry the ball, they will need to pass the ball away before they can attack you, thus losing one of their attacks. This strategy is good midfield but risky on your side of the map.

Brawl stars brawl ball

Brawlers like Bea, Carl, Max, and Brock (with his star power) have a different attack count and can be useful for situations like these. Bea and Carl are both able to pass the ball and immediately have their attack bar filled up since it is a single bar. Max and Brock both have four shots, so they can be a little more aggressive when it comes to attacking and carrying the ball.

5. Do not get too much overconfident

It is a common thing to see the enemy team spinning in circles (taunting you) with the ball right in front of your goal. We advise against doing this not only because it is unsportsmanlike, but also because it is possible for the opposing team to respawn and block the shot in the midst of your spinning. It has been done before and it has been the reason for a team losing the match.  We’d also like to add that trick shots are only worth it if they are absolutely necessary. 

Best brawlers for Brawl Ball

Now in Brawl Stars, different maps need different brawler compositions. But generally, these five brawlers can be a good pick for the Brawl Ball game mode.

  • Frank – With his super, he can break down enemy walls and stop the other team from scoring.
  • Max – With her speed and four attack bar, she can move her teammates along and take out enemy brawlers.
  • Sprout – With his super, he can block the enemy from scoring.
  • Bea – Her reload speed is useful for passing and shooting. Also, her gadget and super help slow the enemy team down.
  • Brock – He can break down walls and deal damage from a distance.

So that’s all about the tips, tricks, and strategies for Brawl Stars Brawl mode.

Did you find this Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Guide useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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