Brawl Stars Club League Guide: Club shop, Golden tickets and more

Club League is a separate ladder system in Brawl Stars, where all club members collaborate and progress through the League system to earn rewards. Club League aims to add functionality to clubs that were just serving as a place for players to interact until now. The progression is based on tiers which are the same as the Power League, ranging from Bronze I to Masters. For the first season, all clubs will be in Bronze I. In this Brawl Stars Club League Guide, we will look at the various parts of the Club League system, how the matches will be played, tickets, and various features of the Club Shop.

Brawl Stars Club League Guide: Club Rearrangement

With the introduction of club leagues, Brawl Stars has decided to reduce the size of clubs down to 30, from the original limit of 100. Players have been advised regularly to rearrange clubs. Failing to do so, will lead to automatic rearrangement of all the members of the club. To get details on how the members will be rearranged, read this article. It is to be noted that post update, in order to join the clubs, players will be required to have a minimum of 900 trophies.

Club League Season

Each Club season lasts for a total of 7 days, where 8 clubs of the same region engage for Club trophies and Club points. The matchmaking happens automatically for clubs, belonging to the same tier, which falls in the same region. A thing to note for players is that joining a club, once the season has commenced will result in that player being unable to compete for that season. This move will help in reducing players hopping between clubs. Players will compete on three days of Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. On each battle day, players can either play a Standard match or a Power match (Competitive Match).

Standard Match

As the name suggests, this mode works like a normal match, played on the ladder. During match day, a fixed game mode and a map will be on rotation. Players can enter the match by exchanging 1 ticket.

Power Match

This match will be played in a draft mode, involving picks and bans like Power League. Playing a power match will cost double the tickets, but in return, grants additional club trophies.

Brawl Stars Club League Guide: Club Trophies and Club Points

Players have the option to play power matches or standard matches with randoms, friends outside their club. Matches can also be played with clubmates, but playing with club members will reward players with additional club trophies. Playing with just one clubmate will also grant the additional trophy.

Club Trophies (Power Match)

Trophies are awarded in all scenarios i.e. winning, drawing, or losing. At the end of each battle day, clubs will be ranked based on the total amount of trophies they have accumulated. The trophies then will be reset and clubs would be awarded club points based on the rank on the leaderboard. Securing the first rank grants 100 points, the second rank gives 80 points, the third 70 and each subsequent afterward rank will be given 10 points lesser with the last-placed club getting only 10 points.

Brawl Stars Club League Guide
Club Points based on ranking

At the end of the season, clubs will be promoted, demoted, or stay in the same tier based on the performance. Club Coins will be rewarded based on club performance, the tier that the club is in, and players’ personal activity. For example at rank 4 on Bronze II the rewards are 107 club points if a player has used 12 tickets and if a player uses only half of the tickets the rewards will also be halved. This ensures the highly active players will not only ensure a better ranking in the leaderboard but also get better rewards for themselves.

Brawl Stars Club League Guide: Tickets 

Tickets make a comeback to brawl stars after one and a half years. Earlier used for weekend events tickets will now be used to participate in Club League. Participating in either of the game modes requires tickets. 

Brawl Stars Club League Guide
Tickets in Brawl Stars

Every match day players will receive 4 tickets and 4 additional tickets can be bought from the shop. The additional tickets that can be bought are called golden tickets. A maximum of 4 golden tickets can be bought each season and unused tickets are carried over. No more than 4 golden tickets can be used per season. 

Golden Ticket: Is it P2W

Some players have voiced their opinions on how golden tickets are p2w, since players can spend money/gems in order to play more games, which gives them an unfair advantage.

Brawl Stars Club League Guide
Golden Tickets

The point though is refuted as players have the ability to buy Golden tickets with starpoints which are accessible to all players and buying 4 tickets each season costs 1200 starpoints a month which is not a big amount. Also, another point to note is that players will only need to play extra matches if their club is ranked below rival clubs meaning it is not necessary to buy and use tickets if your club is performing well.

Club Shop 

In addition to the standard shop with the November update, players will have access to a new shop where they will be able to buy various items using Club Coins that they have earned through Club League. The items that players can buy are:

  • Gold
  • Powerpoints 
  • Gear Tokens and Scrap: Gear tokens and scrap are used to craft gears. Tokens are the blueprint while scrap is the currency needed to craft gear.
  • Exclusive Skins: Currently three skins that are being added to the game are Chicken Rico, Moldy Mike and Potato Squeak. All the skins will be purchasable for 2500 club coins. 

What do you think about the new Club League system in Brawl Stars? How excited are you about the new update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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