Brawl Stars Cordelius Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

Tips to know about Cordelius!

Cordelius is a new chromatic brawler who was introduced to the game Brawl Stars as part of the Season 19, Enchanted Woods update. He is a gardener and caretaker of Enchanted Forest, who is obsessed with mushrooms and is hostile towards strangers. Cordelius has moderate health and damage output, and his abilities revolve around his love for mushrooms. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the abilities of Cordelius in Brawl Stars, stats, and strategies for mastering this new brawler.

New Brawler: Cordelius

As a Chromatic Brawler, it can be unlocked at Tier 30 of the Premium Brawl Pass, which costs 169 gems or can be unlocked by collecting enough Chroma credits. He has moderate health and damage output.

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  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Class: Assassin
  • Health at Lvl. 11: 4800
  • Damage per mushroom at Lvl. 11: 1090

Brawl Stars Cordelius Guide: Cordelius’s Attacks

Cordelius Trait

Cordelius has a unique Trait that allows him to charge his Super Ability by simply being in close proximity to enemy brawlers. A 6-tile circle surrounds Cordelius, and all enemy brawlers within this circle charge his Super by 6.75% per second each, or over 15 seconds for one enemy. The more enemies there are inside the radius, the faster Cordelius charges his Super. Even invisible or bush-camping enemies can charge his Super.

Cordelius’s Attack: Mushrooms

Cordelius’s Attack: Mushrooms
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Cordelius’s main attack, Mushrooms, shoots two mushrooms from his gardening tool. The attack has a normal range of 5 tiles, with a projectile speed of 3800. He has a reload speed of 1.2 seconds (Very Fast), but it can reload even faster while in his Super.

Cordelius’s Super: This is my domain

Brawl Stars Cordelius Guide attacks super
Image via Supercell

Cordelius’s Super is unlike others seen in Brawl Stars before. It is a single projectile attack with a longer range (9 tiles). He shoots a poisonous mushroom that can move and pierce through walls. While the attack doesn’t do any damage, it sends enemies into a Shadow Realm where they and Cordelius are isolated from the match for 8 seconds. In the Shadow Realm, Cordelius is given a 20% movement speed boost and a 30% reload boost.

Cordelius’s Skills

In this section of the guide, we will find out the Star Powers, gadgets, and more about Doug in Brawl Stars.

Star Powers

cordelius star powers
Image via Supercell

Cordelius has two Star Powers, namely Comboshrooms and Mushroom Kingdom. Comboshrooms increase the damage of his second mushroom hit on the same target by 30%. Mushroom Kingdom spawns 3 mushrooms in the Shadow Realm after using his Super, which heals allies and damages enemies for 1090 health on pickup.


Cordelius Gadgets
Image via Supercell

Cordelius also has two Gadgets, namely Replanting and Poison Mushroom. Replanting allows Cordelius to quickly jump over a piece of terrain. Poison Mushroom makes Cordelius’s next main attack shoot a poison mushroom that prevents the enemy from attacking for 1.5 seconds.

Best Gears for Cordelius in Brawl Stars

Cordelius is a powerful caretaker who has a love for mushrooms. However, to make the most of her potential, you need to equip him with the right gear that suits your playstyle and strategy. Here are some tips and tricks for picking the best gear for Cordelius.

  • Shield – This Gear gives you additional Health in the form of a shield. This gives 600 extra health and regenerates in 10 seconds. This is a great Gear for Cordelius, who has moderate health and can survive longer in the Shadow Realm.
  • Speed – Your movement speed in the bush will be increased by 20%. This is a useful Gear for Cordelius, who can ambush his opponents or escape from danger faster by using the bushes.

Brawl Stars Cordelius Guide: Tips and Tricks to master

In this section, we will list out three tips and tricks to help you master Cordelius in Brawl Stars.

  • Use Cordelius’s Super to “teleport” to other ends of the map(Shadow Realm) unseen by enemy brawlers, making him useful for getting to objective zones such as the Heist Safe or Hot Zone.
  • If you find yourself on low health in the Shadow Realm, try to go to a more secluded place to retreat so that enemy brawlers can’t ambush you when your Super ends.
  • Cordelius’s passive ability allows him to charge his Super Ability by simply being in close proximity to enemy brawlers. Use this to your advantage by staying close to enemies and charging your Super quickly.

Final Thoughts

Cordelius presents a unique playstyle and abilities in Brawl Stars. While his low health and attack’s short-range pose challenges, his gadgets and super ability offer strategic advantages. Cordelius performs well against certain brawlers but struggles against others, making him a balanced brawler overall.

What are your thoughts on our Cordelius Guide in Brawl Stars? Did you find this Brawl Stars Cordelius Guide helpful? Make sure to comment below!

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