Brawl Stars Heist Mode Guide: Tips, Tricks and Best Brawlers you should use

Heist is a 3v3 game mode in Brawl Stars. There are two safes, one on each team’s side of the map. The objective in this mode is to destroy the enemy’s safe before they destroy yours. If neither safe is destroyed in the time limit, then the team who did more damage to the enemy safe wins. In this Brawl Stars Heist Mode guide you will get to know some tips and tricks, you can practice to excel in Heist mode.

Tips and Tricks to master Heist mode in Brawl Stars

1. Team Composition is very important for this mode

Brawl Stars Heist Mode Guide, Brawl Stars Heist Mode
Don’t choose Mortis for your team

Having the right brawlers on your team can prove to be the deciding factor as to whether you win or lose, much like every game mode. There are definitely some brawlers you will want to avoid choosing when playing Heist. Mortis is the most well-known bad pick for this mode. We advise not to choose him and also make sure your teammates don’t choose him either. You can play with friends or use the “looking for a team” option to coordinate with teammates before playing a match.

2. Try to stay away from respawning Brawlers

If you are up close to the enemy safe while dealing damage to it and an enemy brawler is respawning, they will have an easy time eliminating you and sending you back to your side of the map. Make sure that when you see an enemy has been defeated, you retreat behind cover. This will give your attacks time to charge up and prepare you for an encounter with the enemy when their invincibility shield is no longer up.

3. Apply pressure and use your supers to suppress the enemy

Brawl Stars Heist Mode Guide, Brawl Stars Heist Mode

A lot of times while playing Heist mode you may find that no matter what you do, you can’t get past the enemy safe. This is because the enemy team has done a good job of choosing brawlers to apply pressure and aren’t afraid to use their supers. This is what you need to do from the beginning to dominate over the enemy. Make sure you take cover and calculate your every move in the heist mode. You definitely do not want the enemy team to charge up their supers. Brawlers who are good for dealing with damage while staying covered are throwers like Dynamike and Barley.

4. Don’t forget about defending yourself

Many new players don’t realize the importance of defense and end up losing the match very quickly. If the enemy team is pressuring your side of the map and you only have one brawler on defense, things could get pretty ugly, especially if that brawler is not a good defensive brawler. Throwing brawlers are not the greatest for defense and should mostly be used for the offense (attacking the enemy safe). However, throwers can come in handy when they play midfield, thus providing support for both defense and offense. It is generally good to have one thrower on your team for this reason. Brawlers who are also good at both offense and defense are Jessie, Nita, Mr. P, and EMZ.

Best Brawlers for Heist Mode in Brawl Stars

Just like any game mode, your brawler composition relies heavily on the map. With that being said, up next in this Brawl Stars Heist Mode guide we will give you our choice for the top five best brawlers to use in most cases for Heist.

Brawl Stars Heist Mode Guide, Brawl Stars Heist Mode
  • Dynamike – With his throwing attack and high damage, Dynamike makes a good pick for a threatening team player in Heist.
  • Jessie – Jessie’s turret can single-handedly destroy the enemy safe. She can also be used as a defensive player.
  • Nita – Just like Jessie’s turret, Nita’s bear can also cause a significant amount of damage to the enemy’s safe.
  • Darryl – Darryl can deal a huge amount of damage with his main attack and can also escape sticky situations with his super, allowing him to retreat when enemies are respawning.
  • Pam – Pam does a lot of damage and provides support for teammates by placing her healing turret.

That’s it from today’s Brawl Stars Heist Mode guide on tips, tricks and best brawlers to use in this 3v3 mode. Hope you have fun playing this mode, good luck!

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