Brawl Stars Melodie Guide: Attacks, Star Power, Gadgets, Gears and more

The new Assassin brawler is in the game!

Melodie, the new brawler announced Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk, which debuted a few days ago. “When it comes to Karaoke, Melodie shows no mercy. Armed with her kawaii looks and devilish set of pipes, she never fails to steal the limelight“. In this guide, we will provide tips and tricks on how to effectively use Melodie in Brawl Stars, covering her attacks, super, star power, gadgets, and the best gears for various situations.

New Brawler: Melodie

Melodie belongs to the Mythic Brawler rarity. Players can obtain her from the shop for around 19.99$ USD as a pack which includes:

Melodie brawler
Image via Supercell Games
  • 1x Brawler (Melodie)
  • 8x Pins
  • 1x Spray
  • 2200x Power Points
  • 4000x coins
  • 80x Gems
  • 1x skin

Melodie has an impressive long-range capability, high health, and considerable damage output. Her primary attack unleashes musical notes from a distance, each dealing minimal damage. Upon striking a target (Brawlers, turrets, or pets), Melodie’s swirling notes surround her, delivering substantial damage. Her Super comprises three separate dashes, providing versatile mobility options.

Brawl Stars Melodie Guide: Attacks

Melodie’s Attack: Monster Notes

Melodie Attacks
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Melodie’s standard attack involves firing miniature monster notes from her microphone, which inflict damage upon enemies and spawn orbiting notes (maximum number of notes up to 3) around her in a radius of 2 tiles upon impact.

Melodie’s Super: Catchy Chorus

Melodie Super
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Melodie can dash forward three times to catch her enemies. Please note that once players use her super it cannot be recharged or reset until she has utilized all three dashes. If Melodie is defeated, her Super charge resets.

Tips for using Melodie’s Super

  • Strategic Dash Placement: Use each dash of Melodie’s Super thoughtfully, considering both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Position yourself strategically to catch opponents off guard or to evade incoming attacks.
  • Timing and Coordination: Coordinate your dashes with your team’s movements or to secure key objectives.

Brawl Stars Melodie Guide: Melodie’s Skills

Star Power

Fast Beats

Melodie benefits from an 8% boost in movement speed for each note orbiting around her. The effect gets stacked up to a 24% movement speed boost.

Extending Notes

Melodie Star Power
Image via KairosTimeGaming

The duration of Melodie’s notes extends by 25%, allowing them to persist for a longer period before dissipating.


Perfect Pitch

Melodie Gadgets
Image via KairosTimeGaming

The gadget enhances Melodie’s notes with a 25% boost in movement speed and a 60% wider orbit for 5 seconds.


Melodie acquires a 15% shield from each note encircling her. This shield can be stacked, reaching a maximum of 45% based on the number of notes revolving around her. However, these shields are temporary and gradually decay over time.

Best Gears for Melodie in Brawl Stars

  • Speed Gear (Mobility): Melodie gets a 24% speed boost from her star power (Fast Beats). This will allow her to achieve even more movement speed which will synergize well with her Super. The Speed Gear can enhance her movement speed when in the bushes, providing agility during both offensive and defensive maneuvers.
  • Gadget Charge: with this gear equipped players can use their gadget one extra time per match
  • Shield: Providing Melodie with additional shields can complement her ability to stack shields during the interlude, further increasing her survivability and resilience against enemy attacks.

That’s all for the Brawl Stars Melodie Guide! If you want to read more about Brawl Stars, check these articles below.

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