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Make the best use of him!

“Am I a joke to you?”, is the title of the newest brawler, Mico, who is a free mythic brawler that will be available for everyone during the Brawlidays 2023 event. Mico is a mischievous monkey who loves to cause chaos and confusion with his banana peels and explosive coconuts. He is a versatile and fun brawler who can adapt to different game modes and situations. In this guide, we will cover the abilities, skills, and gears of Mico with some tips and tricks to master him in Brawl Stars.

New Brawler: Mico

Mico is a monkey who escaped from a zoo and joined the Brawl Stars universe. He is a cheerful and playful brawler who likes to annoy his enemies with his pranks and jokes. He has a very fast movement speed, which makes him hard to catch and hit. He also has moderately low health, which means he can be taken down easily if he is not careful.

Mico Brawl Stars cover
Image via Supercell

He is a mythic brawler, which means he is rare and powerful but also requires some skill and strategy to use effectively. He uses his microphone boom as a weapon, propelling himself into the air and landing with a bang. He also has a knack for screaming, jumping, and stealing ammo from his enemies.

  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Assassin
  • Health at Lvl. 11: 6000 
  • Damage at Lvl. 11: 2180
  • Movement Speed: 820 (Very Fast)

Mico’s Attack: Mic Boom

Mico’s main attack is Mic Boom, which is a straightforward yet entertaining move. He lunges forward and slams onto the ground, dealing damage to everything in his vicinity. It has minimum damage of 1090 at level 1, increasing to 2180 at level 11.

Mico Brawl Stars Mic Boom
Image via Supercell

While in the air, Mico is completely immune to all damage except for status effects and damage over time. His attack range is short, but his movement speed is very fast, allowing him to close the gap quickly and surprise his enemies. His attack also charges his Super, which is a formidable ability.

Mico’s Super: Out of Frame

Mico’s Super is Out of Frame, which is a powerful and unique attack. Rather than controlling him directly, players manipulate a target that appears on the map. Mico ascends into the air, becoming untouchable for about six seconds. During this period, the target grows in size, and upon descent, Mico inflicts substantial damage to everything within the target’s radius, also providing a knockback effect.

Mico Brawl Stars Super
Image via Supercell

Notably, the Brawler heals and reloads while airborne, ensuring he returns to the battlefield with full ammo and, in most cases, a significant portion of his health. While the Super doesn’t break walls or grass, strategic use can turn the tide of battles. Mico’s Super can also be canceled by stuns, pulls, or knockbacks during the delay.

Brawl Stars Mico Guide: Mico’s skillset

Mico comes equipped with two unique gadgets and two-star powers that further enhance his capabilities.


Mico Brawl Stars Gadget
Image via Supercell

His first gadget is Clipping Scream, which allows him to fire three long-ranged projectiles simultaneously with a slight spread. These projectiles slow down and damage the nearest enemy for two seconds on impact. His second gadget is Presto, which increases the range of his next attack by 34%, offering more flexibility in engaging opponents.

Star Power

Mico Brawl Stars SP
Image via Supercell

His first star power is Monkey Business, which allows his attacks, when fully charged every five seconds, to steal an ammo bar from each hit target while restoring his ammo (No ammo will be received if the enemy’s brawler doesn’t have any ammo left). His second star power is Record Smash, which doubles his damage against entities that are not Brawlers, such as turrets, porters, bears, and clones.


Mico Brawl Stars Hypercharge
Image via Supercell

His hypercharge is Sound Check, which makes his next Super Stun enemies briefly after landing. It stuns enemies for 1.5s after landing and he gets a shield boost with a 20% speed boost.

Best Gears for Mico in Brawl Stars

Mico is a versatile Brawler who can adapt to different situations and game modes. However, some gears may suit him better than others, depending on his role and playstyle. Here are some of the best gears for Mico in Brawl Stars:

  • Damage Gear: This Gear increases Mico’s damage by 15% when he is below 50% health, allowing him to deal more damage and finish off enemies faster. This can be helpful when Mico is low on health and needs to make a risky play, or when he is facing tanky Brawlers who can withstand his normal damage. Damage Gear can also synergize with his first Star Power, Monkey Business, which restores his ammo when he hits enemies who have less ammo than him.
  • Shield Gear: This Gear grants Mico an extra 900 health as a shield that regenerates in 10 seconds when he is at full health as Mico has relatively low health this gear will be beneficiary. This can help him survive longer and take more hits, especially when he is exposed during his Super or when he is facing high-damage Brawlers. Shield Gear can also work well with his second Star Power, Record Smash, which doubles his damage on special targets, such as the IKE turret, the safe, or the Siege bot.
  • Super Charge Gear: This Gear makes Mico’s Super Charge 10% faster, allowing him to use it more often and gain more mobility and damage. This can be useful when Mico needs to reposition himself, escape from danger, or initiate a fight with his Super. Super Charge Gear can also complement his Hypercharge, Sound Check, which stuns enemies briefly when he lands his Super.

Tips and Tricks to Master Mico in Brawl Stars

Mico is a fun and exciting Brawler to play, but he also requires some skill and strategy to use effectively. Here are some tips and tricks guide to master Mico in Brawl Stars:

Mico Brawl Stars Tips
Image via Supercell
  • Use Mico’s attack to dodge enemy attacks and reposition yourself. Mico is immune to damage while in the air, so you can use his attack to avoid incoming projectiles or melee attacks. You can also use his attack to jump over walls or obstacles and surprise your enemies from behind.
  • Use Mico’s Super wisely and strategically. Mico’s Super is a powerful ability that can deal a lot of damage and knockback to enemies, but it also leaves him vulnerable for a short time. You should use his Super when you have a clear view of the map and your enemies, and when you are sure that you can land safely. You should also avoid using his Super when there are enemies nearby who can stun, pull, or knock back you and cancel your Super.
  • Use Mico’s gadgets and star powers to suit your situation and game mode. Mico has a variety of gadgets and star powers that can enhance his performance and adapt to different scenarios. You should choose the ones that suit your role and playstyle, and switch them accordingly. For example, you may want to use Clipping Scream and Monkey Business for game modes where you need to control the map and pressure the enemies, such as Gem Grab or Bounty. You may want to use Presto and Record Smash for game modes where you need to deal more damage and destroy targets, such as Siege or Heist.

Final Thoughts

Mico is a new and exciting Brawler who brings a lot of fun and utility to the game. He is a fast and agile Brawler who can jump around the map and deal damage to enemies with his attack. He also has a range of gadgets and star powers that can enhance his abilities and suit different situations and game modes. Mico is a Brawler who can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, as he is easy to learn but hard to master. Mico is a great addition to the Brawl Stars roster and a Brawler worth trying out, and for the same, take the help of this Guide.

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