BRIXITY Beginners Guide and Tips

Let your creativity flow in your city through the healing essence of Brix!

BRIXITY is a sandbox city-building simulation game developed by Devsisters Corporation. The main job of the players is to rebuild a now-desolate Earth by constructing new buildings, infrastructures, and others using purifying substances called Brix. The players as Brixmasters witness a world of endless possibilities where they can give their creative ideas new life in the form of a unique city. Therefore, let’s get into this detailed Brixity Beginners Guide to learn about the basic gameplay and creative flow in it. Also, follow up till the end to receive some amazing tips for beginners in Brixity.

Gameplay Overview

It’s the year 2523 in BRIXITY and the life on Earth has completely been wiped out. The players chosen as the Brixmaster need to restore Earth by planning, designing blueprints, and building a city by establishing a foundation using the healing energy of Brix for inhabitation. 

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The basic gameplay of BRIXITY follows easy steps to build an infrastructure. Firstly, the players need to select the blueprint they want to construct. The players can start building by tapping on the Brix on the right-hand side of the screen. Then, the players need to drag the Brix to the designated area highlighted in the plot land and carefully position the Brix in the correct space. The Brix will lock into the space as soon as it is correctly placed and other Brix of the same kind needed for the structure will automatically be constructed.

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Thus, continue placing all the Brix that appears on the right side of the screen until the required structure is completed. The players can build a custom structure from the Creator Studio or the already-designed blueprint from the Build section.

Introducing the Basics of BRIXITY

The Game Modes

BRIXITY offers a few game modes following your creation. Here is a list of all the game modes players can witness in BRIXITY:

1. Creator Studio

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The players can create different blueprints on their own in the Creator Studio. After designing their blueprints, they need to click on the option Create, select the desired dimension of the plot they want to create buildings in and start crafting structures out of their imagination using several kinds of Brix. The players can manage their blueprints within this section itself. They will receive bonus rewards and can yield the Creator Tier benefits if other players are eager to buy their blueprints.

2. City Edit Mode 

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The City Edit Mode allows the players to pave streets in their city in positions according to their preferences. The players can add Roads and Tiles of different designs to enhance their city. Along with these aspects, they can even edit the positions of different buildings to make their city view look more appealing. 

3. Exploration Mode

The players can explore their city by strolling around and visiting various, buildings, parks, and streets with their own eyes. They are provided with a joystick to control their movement around the city. They can even jump or speed up using two other icons available on the right screen. The players can adjust their angles, interact with different Pipos, and change their poses to click pictures as a memento of their creations.

Blueprint Market

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The players can buy all types of blueprints from the Blueprint Market. These include Seasonal Buildings, Picnic on Earth, House Galore, The Old Cities of Earth, Witty Objects, and many other categories from which the players can choose. The players are required to select any one of the categories mentioned in the section, choose the structure for which they want to buy the blueprints, and finally click on ‘Buy Blueprint’ to add the structure to the queue to construct. 


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The main job of the players begins from this section itself. The blueprints added to the queue from the purchase of Blueprint Market need to be crafted by the players There are also three types of buildings the players can build including Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, and Public Buildings to maintain the basic functionality of a city. The players need to get to the ‘Blueprint Construction’, select the blueprint they want to build, and click on ‘Build’ in exchange for a certain amount of coins.


Pipos are adorable characters the players can witness and relax within the city. Brix are the basic building blocks of Brxity that purify the surroundings of Earth. This section particularly enables the players to view the whole collection of different Pipos and Brix.

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The Pipos collection has a total of 16 professions comprising normal citizens, experts, and masters along with their back story and abilities. The Brix collection has over 7000 different styles of brix which the players can also draw using coupons.

Space Port

The Space Port resembles an airport in the real world. The players can invite the Pipos from Mars to inhabit the now-purified Earth. They can do so using the Pipo Coupon. Inviting Pipos will be beneficial for commercial buildings which will in turn produce coins.

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The players can even tour and explore the cities of other Brixmasters using a City Tour coupon and get a chance to meet unique Pipos. Lastly, the players can rate the cities of other players through a poll and the highest-rated city will be declared as the best one.


The Inventory is the storage section of BRIXITY where the players can view different items they have received throughout the game such as coupons, clean-up bot boosters, yellow daisies, and many others.

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The players can even view the Special Brix they have drawn from the Special Brix Draw option. These items can be used in building and various other in-game activities. The yellow daisies are a perfect gift for Pipos found while touring unique cities.

Brix Pass 

The Brix Pass section offers daily missions that can benefit the players in winning rewards useful in the game. There are mainly two types of Brix Pass namely: Free and Premium.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

As the name suggests the Premium Brix Pass can only be accessed by purchasing it using real-time money whereas the rewards within Free Brix Pass can be received for free as the players level up with each stage. The level of the Brix Pass increases with the player advancing in the game.

Restoration Mission

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Restoration Mission is an Earth Restoration Program where the ‘Brixmaster’ that is the player is sent to a now-desolate Earth to bring it back to life. The players are assigned certain missions in each phase to proceed to the next phase. Each Phase will unlock new features, new areas, and new buildings continuing the renovation and purification of the land. Completing all the missions will provide the players with the much-needed resources in BRIXITY.

BRIXITY Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete all Restoration Missions

Restoration missions are one of the important aspects of Brixity. The players are assigned some specific task that they need to complete to level up in the game. As the players complete all missions, they will be promoted to the higher phase along with the upgrade of the ‘Restoration Centre’. Completing a phase mission will grant several useful rewards to the players such as resources and coupons, and unlock new features along the way.

2. Draw Special Brix

The normal Brix required for building a structure is important. But what is even more beneficial is the ‘Special’ Brix. These Brix are drawn using a ‘Special Brix Coupon’ obtained via rewards. The players are recommended to use these Brix more often as they provide a larger amount of healing essence to them in comparison to the normal Brix and also purify the surroundings of the city much easier.

3. Practice in Creator Studio

The players are advised to practice making blueprints of different types of buildings and construct them in the Creator Studio. This will give their creativity new heights and the players will win resources such as healing essence and coins which they can further use in the city. If other players buy their blueprints they also receive bonus rewards for creating structures.

5. Be Active in the Events

The players are advised to participate in events designed by the developers for the sole purpose of their enjoyment. Staying attentive during the event season proves beneficial for the players as they receive valuable rewards necessary for the progression of creativity in the game and other miscellaneous rewards that they can use for decorating their city.

6. Tour and Explore Unique Cities

The players can travel via the ‘Space Port’ and have a tour around unique cities to explore the creativity of limitless minds of ‘Brixmasters’ in the world of ‘Brixity’. The players will come across a unique ‘Pipo’ in each city they visit whom they can invite to come and live in their city in exchange for some gifts. Also, they can collect numerous presents while strolling around in the city to gain stimulating rewards.

Final Thoughts

BRIXITY is an exciting simulation game, newly launched, and allows the players to unleash their creativity into rebuilding a city. In the realm of Brixity, the players can discover new content along with adorable characters called Pipo, interact with other Brixmasters across the globe, and let their imaginations run free as they step their feet in the world of creation. Thus, follow up on this detailed Brixity Beginners Guide and Tips to explore limitless possibilities and transform your world.

That’s all from us for the BRIXITY Beginners Guide! Did you find our BRIXITY Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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