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CABAL: Return of Action: List of Classes, Attributes, and more

Master the characters according to your preference!

CABAL: Return of Action is an immersive MMORPG available on both Android and iOS platforms, developed and published by ESTsoft Inc. With a dedicated player base, it offers a variety of character classes, each having distinct attributes and roles in the game. To excel in the game, it’s vital to grasp these characters, their strengths, and their functions. In this guide, we’ll delve into the character list, their primary attributes, and the roles they fulfill in the vibrant world of CABAL: Return of Action.

List of Classes in CABAL: Return of Action

1. Warrior

  • Attributes: Strength, High HP, Heavy Armor
  • Role: Melee Tank and Damage Dealer

The Warrior epitomizes the philosophy that strength is the ultimate asset in battle. This melee class focuses on physical strength, wearing heavy armor to crush their adversaries. Their weapon of choice, the Greatsword, delivers devastating blows, making them formidable melee combatants.

CABAL Return of Action List of Classes Warrior
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Strength is their primary attribute, ensuring their attacks pack a punch, and their high HP and heavy armor make them unyielding on the battlefield, ideal for tanking roles and dealing significant melee damage.

2. Blader

  • Attributes: Dexterity, Strength, Light Armor
  • Role: Melee Damage Dealer

Masters of martial arts, Bladers are known for their unique dual-blade combat style, which renders foes helpless in the blink of an eye. These agile melee warriors prioritize speed and agility over raw strength, wearing light armor for maximum maneuverability.

CABAL Return of Action List of Classes Blader
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Their weapon expertise with dual blades allows them to strike swiftly, making them high-damage dealers. Bladers thrive on Dexterity and Strength, maximizing their ability to deliver rapid and powerful melee strikes.

3. Wizard

  • Attributes: Intelligence, Light Armor
  • Role: Long-Range Spellcaster

The Wizard is a long-range spellcaster, relying on the power of magic to both assail their foes and shield themselves from harm. These spellcasters wear light armor, allowing for swift movement. Wizards are masters of both single-target and area-of-effect spells, making them formidable ranged attackers.

CABAL Return of Action List of Classes Wizard
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Their primary attribute, Intelligence, significantly amplifies their magical prowess, ensuring their destructive spells hit with maximum impact, making them ideal for those who prefer to annihilate foes from a distance.

4. Force Archer

  • Attributes: Dexterity, Intelligence, Medium Armor
  • Role: Hybrid Ranged Damage Dealer and Support

A unique branch of the Wizard class, Force Archers harness the force of magic for precise, long-range single-target damage. These hybrid ranged combatants maintain a delicate balance between physical and magical damage, able to support allies while delivering pinpoint strikes from afar.

CABAL Return of Action Force Archer
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Force Archers wear medium armor and rely on both Intelligence and Dexterity for their attributes. Their versatility makes them valuable assets on the battlefield, capable of adapting to various roles.

5. Force Shielder

  • Attributes: Balanced
  • Role: Tank and Support

Prioritizing defense above all else, Force Shielders wear heavy armor and utilize their mastery of force to become impregnable to damage. They specialize in creating powerful Astral Shields, protecting themselves and allies on the front lines of war.

CABAL Return of Action Force Shielder
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

What sets them apart is their need for a balance between Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity attributes, making them versatile and formidable defenders capable of withstanding formidable assaults.

6. Force Blader

  • Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Medium Armor
  • Role: Melee Damage Dealer with Magic Abilities

Force Bladers are masters of both blade and magic, using both disciplines to strike deep into enemy ranks. Their focus on speed and precision enables them to overcome obstacles with ease. Armed with Katanas and sharp Blades, they wear medium armor and excel in agility and damage output.

CABAL Return of Action Blader
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Strength and Dexterity attributes are pivotal, allowing them to be considered master swordsmen capable of unleashing both physical and magical devastation.

7. Gladiator

  • Attributes: Strength, Heavy Armor
  • Role: Melee Damage Dealer with Ranged Capabilities

Gladiators are powerful melee fighters known for their ability to harness the Rage resource to unleash devastating close and long-range damage. As they continue to use skills, their frenzy grows, allowing them to excel at dealing with area-of-effect damage.

CABAL Return of Action List of Classes Gladiator
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Their weapon of choice, the unique Chakram, combined with heavy armor, grants them versatility and resilience on the battlefield. The Strength attribute is their primary focus, empowering them to deal with heavy blows and maintain their fury.

8. Force Gunner

  • Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity
  • Role: Long-Range Sniper with High Critical Hits

Specializing in a unique force-driven battle style, Force Gunners excel in long-ranged sniping skills and potent area-of-effect damage. They prioritize higher attack speeds and critical hits, weaving both physical and magical attacks to annihilate enemies from a distance.

CABAL Return of Action List of Classes Force Gunner
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

Force Gunners wear medium armor and depend on both Intelligence and Dexterity attributes for their effectiveness. Their combination of physical and magical prowess makes them formidable ranged combatants.

List of Roles of the Classes in CABAL: Return of Action

1. Tanks

Warriors and Force Shielders are top-notch tanks. They’re really tough and can draw the enemy’s attention while keeping their allies safe. Warriors fight up close with heavy armor and big swords, while Force Shielders create strong shields and have a good mix of Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. They’re the ones you’ll find on the front lines of battle, making sure everyone stays safe and helping the team succeed.

2. Damage Dealers

Bladers, Force Bladers, and Gladiators are the ones who are really good at causing a lot of damage, whether they’re up close or far away. Bladers are super agile and use two blades to hit hard, focusing on being quick and strong. Force Bladers are experts with both blades and magic, being fast and precise with swords while getting stronger with Strength and Dexterity.

Gladiators build up Rage as they fight, allowing them to unleash big attacks that hit multiple enemies. They use special Chakram weapons and wear heavy armor, and Strength is what makes them hit really hard. These are the ones you want when you need to take down enemies fast and secure victories.

CABAL: Return of Action Beginners Guide Classes
Image via ESTsoft Inc.

3. Spellcasters

Wizards are powerful spellcasters who unleash devastating magical attacks on their foes. They excel at long-range combat and are known for their ability to rain destruction on enemies from a safe distance. Wizards can conjure powerful spells that target both single enemies and entire groups, making them formidable damage dealers in various situations.

Their proficiency with magic also extends to defensive spells, allowing them to protect themselves from harm. Wizards wear light armor, which allows for agility and swift movement, and their strength lies in their high Intelligence attribute, which enhances the potency of their spells and magical abilities.

4. Support

Force Archers offer support with their ranged abilities, while Force Shielders also play a support role with their protective spells. Force Archers are skilled at providing backup from a distance. They can attack enemies effectively and help their allies during battles.

On the other hand, Force Shielders focus on protecting their team. They use special spells to create shields and keep everyone safe from harm. Both classes are essential in their own way, contributing to the team’s success by either dealing with damage or ensuring the team’s safety.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the roles and attributes of each character class is essential for forming balanced teams and excelling in various in-game scenarios, be it in PvE or intense PvP battles. Choose your character wisely, master their abilities, and embark on an epic adventure in CABAL: Return of Action.

That’s all from us for CABAL: Return of Action: List of Classes, Attributes, and more! Do let us know in the comments below!

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