Call of Dragons Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on an adventure in the land of Dragons and Monsters!

Call of Dragons is a new mobile RTS base-building game by Farlight Games. It is a brand new MMOSLG fantasy conquest game developed by the creators of Rise of Kingdoms. The game’s art is very stunning, especially with the very artsy cutscenes plus the great storyline and world-building that has been done just in the first 15 minutes of the game. The gameplay consists of building your very own base alongside the bases of other people that you would be able to see on the world map and visit. Here’s our Call of Dragons beginners guide to explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

When players first start playing Call of Dragons, it would be normal to be taken aback by all that happens especially the depth of the new game. The game is very unique than most games with the only game comparable coming up to mind being the famous Rise of Kingdoms. Below, we’ll go through everything that players need to know and what they should and shouldn’t do when starting in Call of Dragons.

Introducing the Basics of Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons is considered a Fantasy-MMO game that has a touch of RTS gameplay and city-building to it. The players can fight enemies that appear near their lands on the map where they would get resources that can be used to upgrade their army, heroes, and other buildings. Resources are needed to upgrade buildings etc. and the best way to get those resources without buying is by gathering them on the map.

Call of Dragons Beginners Guide
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Exploration is an important component of the game at the start of the trip. The map will be enveloped in fog, and the only way to clear it is to use your scouts. You want to explore the area as rapidly as can when playing mini-games or dialogue options to find the caverns, villages, camps, and wonders that provide a lot of fantastic rewards (hero tokens, gems, troops, technology, and resources).

There will be an observation tower in each zone one region; by using this tower, you will be able to remove the fog in your area, so try to find it as soon as possible with your pals. After progressing more into the game the players will also get the chance to go to PVP matches against other people. Unlike many online games like State of survival, Call of dragons is currently very F2P friendly.

Honor Levels

 Honor Levels
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Honor levels are one of the most important things to improve in Call of Dragons. Your main goal is to obtain Honor Level 8. Because you will earn a free legendary hero token, two free hero epic tokens, and most crucially, a second research queue, you must reach Honor Level 8 as swiftly as possible. Honor Level 8 will give you wonderful bonuses that will considerably boost your growth.

City Hall

The city hall is the main structure in Call of Dragons. You cannot upgrade any other structures without first enhancing City Hall. As a result of renovating City Hall, your Legion Capacity will increase, as will the Legion Queue. 


Technology is a perk that the player has a choice on which to focus. Some technologies allow you to expand your city more quickly; focus on those technologies early in the game to achieve the best values while pushing power. Learning which technology to prioritize over others will bring huge advantages to the early and mid-game of the new player that is just starting


Call of Dragons Beginners Guide
Image via Farlight Games

Heroes are powerful characters that the players would need to build their offensive capabilities around. In the start, by picking the faction that you would want to play as, the players are ultimately forced to pick within the three heroes that are representing each faction. Which are the elven archer, the human magi, and the strong Wilderburg.


The troops are the smaller units that will be making up most of your army. They are usually the fodder that decides the outcome of the battle. Having more troops against enemies is not a guaranteed win though as more quality troops and heroes will turn the tables in a straight-up battle.

All in-game Factions

As a newbie, the first decision you must make in Call of Dragons is which faction you will join. Each faction has a unique starting character, unique units, and unique faction benefits. Because your first faction will have a huge impact on your early game, it’s critical to choose the faction that will provide you with the most advantages early on. There are three factions that players may choose from.

Call of Dragons Factions
Image via Farlight Games
  • Springwardens: Springwardens are elves that love tranquility and peace and will do everything to protect nature, especially against the war between the League of Order and the Wilderburgs. Their main weapon choice is the bow and the agility to outmaneuver enemies.
  • League of Order: The League of Order is the Call of Dragons’ equivalent of the human race although they mean well the greed of some of their kins attracts the hatred of the Springwardens. They are at war with the Wilderburg. Their main weaponry is their magic which enables them to firepower most enemies.
  • Wilderburg: The Wilderburg are the orc-like war-loving faction in Call of Dragons. Their only objective is to conquer the whole world which is why they are at war with everyone. Until the bigger threat came and they were forced to ally with the League of Orders the Springwarden. Their best perk is their strength although simple is most effective in breaking through enemies that you would need to fight.

Call of Dragons Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep farming Resources

Resources are the currencies that are keeping the upgrades and the progress of the game going. Even though you think that this certain resource is not needed at the moment. The nature of the game will most likely circle back to where you would need these resources much that you would wish you would have farmed them back when you would just see them everywhere.

2. Continue upgrading your City Hall

Call of Dragons City Hall
Image via Farlight Games

The city hall is probably the most important building in the game. The players will need to upgrade a city hall first before even unlocking the upgrades to the other buildings and troops. This means that prioritizing upgrading this is a must. However, players must also not fall into the trap of upgrading the City hall only without really following up with the other upgrades for the base as this will just make the city hall upgrade useless.

3. Avoid using Low-tier troops in the long term

However tempting it would be to upgrade the lower-tier units to become as strong as they can be and beat other players in a PVP combat with the fully upgraded lowest-tier units, it will come to a point where you will hit a ceiling in their usefulness no matter how high you upgraded them. It would be better to focus on getting higher-tier troops and focus especially on one S-tier hero that would carry your army to victory.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Call of Dragons beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Call of Dragons Beginners Guide! Did you find our Call of Dragons beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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