Call of Dragons: The complete Exploration and Observation Tower Guide and Tips

Explore, participate and complete the quests!

Farlight GamesCall of Dragons is a brand-new mobile RTS base-building game. The Rise of Kingdoms designers has designed a completely new MMOSLG fantasy conquest game. The game art is amazing, especially with the extremely artsy cutscenes, excellent storytelling, and world-building done in the first 15 minutes. The gameplay entails players creating a base in addition to other people’s bases that they can see and visit on the global map. Here’s our guide on Exploration and Observation Tower in Call of Dragons.

In most multiplayer games the most important aspect that is usually focused on by less casual players, is the PvP aspect of the game. PvP stands for Player versus Player. In this mode, players will have a chance to test how well they will be able to do against other players around them. In this article, we will also be looking into what to do and what not to do in starting to play the PvP mode of Call of Dragons.

Exploration in Call of Dragons

Call of dragons Exploration Events Observation Tower
Image via Farlight Games

Exploration is a crucial part of the game; at the beginning of your journey, the map will be engulfed in fog, and the only way to clear it is to employ your scouts. When playing mini-games or dialogue options, you want to explore the area as quickly as possible to uncover the tunnels, villages, camps, and wonders that bring a lot of amazing rewards (hero tokens, gems, troops, technology, and resources).

  • Building A Home:  Points can be earned by boosting Building Power. The event lasts two days.
  • The City of Splendor: To finish this event players will have to use Building speedups. The event will last for two days.
  • Free Market: Players will earn points by purchasing products in the Goblin Market and spending CP over the two-day event.
  • Forest Games: In this event, the players can gain points by increasing power and scoring by tiers. The event runs for two days.
  • Polymath Trials:  To go through the event, the players must use research speedups. The event lasts two days.
  • Ready to Fight:  The event simply just requires the player to train troops to gain points and rewards. The event lasts for two days.
Call of dragons Exploration Events Observation Tower
Image via Farlight Games
  • Breaking Through: A caravan spawns and goes to a location on the map, while alliance members protect it until it arrives. The event will last three days.
  • Dispel the Darkness: For this event, players will have to defeat darkling patrols or Dark Creatures & Darkling Forts finding them around the map. The event lasts for three days.
  • Forge of Light: The players will need to use Universal Artifact Keys to summon artifacts for the FoL event. The event lasts three days.
  • Lucky Spin: Players of an alliance will get one free spin for a day which will give them varying rewards. The event lasts for three days.
  • Divine Depository:: In this event players will Receive the Box of Blessings after completing tasks. The event lasts for five days.
  • Eliana’s Crisis: Defeat the Darklings, hunt down her troops near your city, and band together with Alliance members to end Eliana’s crisis. The festival lasts five days.
  • Heeding The Call: Players will be able to gain rewards when their alliances reach capacity certain members’ capacities. The event lasts for five days.

Observation Tower in Call of Dragons

Call of dragons Exploration Events Observation Tower
Image via Farlight Games

There will be an observation tower in each zone one region; by using this tower, players will be able to remove the fog in the area. So they must try to find it as soon as possible with the kingdom. Doing so will allow players to operate in a much larger area and find more resources faster to upgrade more buildings and units to continue improving and moving forward into the game.

That’s all from us for our guide on exploration, events, and observation tower in Call of Dragons! Did you find it helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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