Call of Dragons: The complete PvP Guide and Tips

Farlight Games‘s Call of Dragons is a new mobile RTS/kingdom-building game. It is a brand new MMOSLG fantasy conquest game created by the Rise of Kingdoms designers. The art in the game is fantastic, especially with the highly artsy cutscenes and the great storytelling and world-building that has been done in just the first 15 minutes. The gameplay consists of you establishing your base alongside other people’s bases that you can see and visit on the globe map. Here’s an in-depth guide on PvP mode in Call of Dragons.

Introducing the PvP system in Call of Dragons

In most multiplayer games the most important aspect that is usually focused on by less casual players, is the PvP aspect of the game. PvP stands for Player versus Player. In this mode, players will have a chance to test how well they will be able to do against other players around them. In this article, we will be looking into what to do and what not to do in starting to play the PvP mode of Call of Dragons.

Call of Dragons Beginners Guide
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Fighting against other players will always be very challenging as they will be as prepared as they can be and the best thing to win against them is to be more prepared than your opponents. For this to happen, you must first know what the best use for certain items and what artifacts are, and even which policies should be given priorities to. Knowing these will boost your chances of winning in PvP matches

Hero Pairings of Legendary Heroes

Heroes are the main deciding factor in battles may it be PVP or PVE. Here we look only into the S-tier heroes that players can use as they most likely should be the only heroes that players will be going with for the longest time.

  • Hosk is best paired with Liliya, Gwanwyn, Alistair
  • Indis is best paired with Deputy Any
  • Liliya is best paired with Waldyr, Hosk, Indis, Alwyn, Atheus
  • Madeline is best paired with Nika, Bakhar, Garwood, Hosk, Indis, Eliana
  • Garwood is best paired with Madeline/Nika, Bakhar, Eliana | RALLY: Madeline/Nika, Gwanwyn, Bakhar
  • Nico is best paired with Gwanwyn, Nika, Hosk, Indis, Eliana, Madeline
  • Nika is best paired with Madeline, Garwood, Bakhar, Hosk, Indis, Eliana
  • Bakshi is best paired with Emrys, Nika, Alistair, Madeline, Nico, Kregg, Bakhar, Gwanwyn
  • Emrys is best paired with Bakshi, Nika, Alistair, Madeline, Nico, Kregg, Bakhar, Gwanwyn
Call of Dragons PvP Guide
Image via Farlight Games

Above are the heroes that players will build around and which other Heroes are best paired with them to bring to the battlefield. In the pairs, we included the other non-top tier heroes as it may be difficult to have two s-tier characters early in the game.

Artifact Pairings

Artifacts are powerful items passed down through the factions in time. They are powerful tools that help bring out the strength of your heroes. Below is the list of artifacts and which Heroes are best applied for.

Call of Dragons PvP Guide
Image via Farlight Games
ArtifactsHero Pairings
 Ancient Tree Roots  Indis, Chakcha, Ordo, Kella
Bloodblade Banner  Alistair, Hosk
 Breath of Jargentis Alwyn, Atheus, Liliya, Waldyr
 Breath of the Forest Garwood, Bakhar
 Dragonscale Armor Fang of Ashkari Greymar’s Warhammer Garwood, Nika, Bakhar, Madeline
Heart of Kamasi   Kregg, Nico, GwanwynNika, Garwood, Bakhar, Madeline
Kingslayer   Alistair, Bakshi, Emrys
 Kurrata’s Wrath Eliana, Gwanwyn, Bakshi, Nika, Liliya
Lucia’s Horn Phoenix Eye ShadowbladeIndis, Ordo, Chakcha, Kella
Sorland’s BladeEmrys, Bakshi, Alistair
Springbird Feather Springs of SilenceWaldyr, Atheus, Liliya, Alwyn
Staff of the ProphetAlwyn, Atheus, Waldyr, Liliya
Storm ArrowsAlistair, Bakshi, Emrys
Tear of Arbon Viola’s BowGwanwyn, Kregg, Nico

Policies Priority 

One of the most important decisions that you would need to make in the game is which policies will you need to go with first. This here listed in order is the best order in which you would want to upgrade through.

  • War Studies 
  • War Studies II
  • Military Expansion 
  • Military Expansion II 
  • Military Expansion III 
  • Artifact Expertise I 
  • Artifact Expertise Il 
  • Targeted Tactics I 
  • Targeted Tactics II 
  • Ranged Drills 
  • Ranged Drills II 
  • Magic Drills
  • Marksman Drills

That’s all for the Call of Dragons PvP Guide.

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