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Call of Duty Mobile Aerial Corvette Guide: Here’s how to dominate the sky

COD Mobile Season 2 had been teasing us with the weird rift in the sky with tons of theories! Like the rift would explode and the whole would turn into a new map or some alien boss would somehow fall from the sky. That’s only some few of the theories. But now, the long wait is over as Aerial Corvette has arrived in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to access the Aerial Corvette in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale?

The Aerial Corvette is located at the almost middle point of the map. The new high tier area is now the highest peak within the map. Players can easily access the Aerial Corvette from the moment they jump out of the plane. Even if they missed the jump, they can still access it via airborne or a chopper.

COD Mobile aerial corvette location
COD Mobile aerial corvette location

What the players will find in this high tier area?

Landing at the Aerial Corvette is a great risk since it is new to the map and a bunch of players would explore it. But great risk comes with great rewards. The moment players land, they will find a bunch of supply crates, mystery boxes, weapons, a chopper. And if they are lucky enough there’s a high chance of a level 3 vest to spawn since the area is a high tier loot area. What’s insane is Legendary attachments such as quickdraw and sg long barrel or suppressor is assured within the area.

cod mobile aerial corvette loots
Call of Duty Mobile aerial corvette

Tips for Aerial Corvette

  • Always land to the nearest weapon crate since it has an assured weapon, ammunition and attachments.
  • Land near the helipad where a chopper is located in case of emergency escape.
  • Get to the nearest town after escaping so you’ll have the advantage of a position to ambush gliding enemies from the aerial corvette.
  • Use of headphones is advisable to detect footsteps since the map is disrupted.

Why the players should or should not avoid Aerial Corvette

The Aerial Corvette is probably the best area to start if the players are looking for some early actions or close quarter combat. It is a place to round up a number of kills in the early game as the size of the area is pretty small. Multiplayer maps are much as 3x bigger compared the futuristic helipad, so in short time players would probably be seeing each other. However, players should keep in mind that, because of the map disruption no enemies can be detected on the map. And, if one member of the squad dies there while others are not in that area then its very tough for the rest of the team to get back the dog tag. I strongly do not recommend this area to players that are not into early game fights.

The Aerial Corvette is pretty much useless after the loots have been collected. Players will only find themselves in an empty area with strange sounds and a disrupted map. The map can’t be used once they are on it. And in effect, they won’t be able to see the next safe zone.

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