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How to unlock Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile

While there is no doubt that Call of Duty Mobile is having a massive gamer base at the moment, the game houses a mix of grinding, skill and luck at the same time. Players unlock various features as they progress through the game. Unlocking Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile can be considered the same. Many players are quite hyped about getting a nuke in COD Mobile but the exact method of unlocking it quite controversial. So today in this article we will talk about this community hot topic from our own experience.

Steps to unlock Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile

Nuke comes as a killstreak benefit in the game. However, the first thing you need to do is reaching level 20 in the game. Then only players can use it inside the match.

But reaching level 20 and unlocking the ability doesn’t mean a player can use Nuke whenever they want. There is a requirement inside the match which the player needs to fulfil to get this awesome ability. To use the Nuke, a player must get a 20 killstreak! Please note that, if a player dies then the killstreaks reset right on that point and it starts from zero once again. And this is a tough thing to achieve. Many times even skill will not suffice unless a player is having luck.

When the player is able to get the 20 killstreak a button will appear on the screen ‘launch nuclear bomb’. That’s it! All the enemy players will be wiped out from the map giving the team a huge point boost towards winning.

One important thing to note here that the kills done using the various gadgets will not be counted inside the killstreak. So many players get into confusion because of that. Make sure you get it clear on your mind before targeting to get a nuke in Call of Duty Mobile.

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