Camp Defense Beginners Guide and Tips

Fight with zombies on gas stations, shops, restaurants in post-apocalyptic world

Be ready for an offline fight with zombies and defend the truck and the camp from the hordes of enemies. With an action-packed strategy tower defense game, a player will experience unique features, which require patience and strategy to defend the camp. In this Camp Defense beginners guide, players will learn the game mechanics and few tips to get a perfect start with the game.

Camp Defense Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The core objective of the game is to defend the camp from waves of enemies. Players earn coins and XP for successfully protecting the camp. There’s also a map containing points of interest that unlock progressively throughout the game. Players have to perform the following additional tasks.

  • Upgrading the camp 
  • Train units
  • Conquer new locations in the map

Players need to prioritize the effective use of coins. Here are some tips for beginners to focus on from level 1 to 100:

1. Utilise your Gunners effectively

Players should prioritize upgrading gunners during the initial gameplay as they can attack both piles of earth and fly enemies. Gunners are very versatile and have a relatively wide attack range. But remember the Gunners are devoid of any unlockable skills whatsoever.

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2. Understanding your Units

The game contains several units and modules. This list will provide general ideas about attack types and skills to look for in the game.


Once players unlock this character, players can prioritize upgrading this character. The character uses an ice grenade which slows down the enemies for a specific duration extending the time under attack. Apart from the primary attack, the secondary skills are also quite strong like, 50% increased critical damage at level 25 and 20% increased rate of attack at level 200.

Immortal Butch

Once players unlock this character, players can prioritize upgrading and equipping it as the Immortal Butcher can summon two soldiers (Electro Raiders) to the battlefield. Electro Raiders attack the enemies and also slows their approach towards the truck for a while.


When the players unlock this character, players can prioritize upgrading this character. The character uses arrows to stun the enemies. Mark has a 100% chance to stun enemies at level 0 and attacks both earth and air enemies.


Once players unlock this character, players can prioritize upgrading and equipping the character. Zombies with throw attacks can cause a lot of damage from a distance. The stun attack capability of Jake is very effective against enemies with throw attacks. Stun is an AOE-type attack


Nikos is available for players from the beginning of the game. The character can summon two soldiers to the battlefield. The summoned units are called savage and deal a high amount of attack damage. The number of summoned units can be increased by one after upgrading Nikos to level 50. Nikos also has several cons including:

  • Nikos does not attack the zombies himself
  • There is only one unlockable skill.
  • Only attacks land enemies.


The players can prioritize upgrading and equipping this character if they are using multiple units that can enter the battlefield or summon units on the battlefield. Shaman can increase the damage of summoned units.

3. Watch your Ads to enable Auto Play

ennabe autoplay
Enable Autoplay
  • Players can watch an AD to unlock AutoPlay during a battle. Auto play can come in handy when attacking Gas Stations and restaurants that have repetitive waves of enemies. The players need to grind through these levels to capture the gas stations.
  • Players can watch a single AD to collect 2X coins from captured the storage of gas stations. 

4. Know your Camp well


The players can upgrade different attributes like truck strength and critical hit damage in exchange for battle experience points in the library. Players can prioritize using upgrade points on following

Camp Defense Library
Camp Defense Library
  • Lower time to reload for active abilities.
  • Increase the life span of summoned units.
  • Increase the health of summoned units.

Storage and Gold mine

Upgrading the storage capacity of the camp will let players collect more coins from the gold mines, whereas upgrading the gold mines increases the rate of mining of gold. Players can prioritize storage or gold mine depending on their play style. Active players can focus on upgrading the gold mine and can clear out the storage frequently.

To sum up everything, Camp defense is a fun offline tower defense game with the experience to fight against zombies. There are many weapons and units which can be used, based on different strategies. That’s all for today, Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Camp Defense beginners guide and tips.

That’s all for today’s Camp Defense Beginners Guide. Did you find our Camp Defense Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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