Carrom Pool Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you up for the challenge?

Carrom Pool is an easy-to-play multiplayer sports board game. Players will find the game similar to strike and pocket games such as pool and billiards. Players will have to go up against each other to win a match and take home the bounty. Along with easy-to-use controls, the game simulates the feel and the physics of a classic Carrom game quite accurately. So today in this Carrom Pool beginners guide, we will be diving into some tips and basic tricks to help you out to play this game.

Carrom Pool Guide: Tips and Tricks

Players can also earn various unlockable items such as unique strikers and powers, both of which can give stat boosts to your force, aim, and time. One can also customize their pucks with different unlockable cosmetics earned via chests. However, the game can be pretty hard for new players, but don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to progress in the game easily as an amateur in the initial stages of the game.

1. Play Freestyle to practice your agme

The game has 3 game modes: Disc pool, Carrom, Freestyle; with each mode having its own rules. Freestyle is by far the simplest mode for beginners to practice the game and get a feel for its mechanics and basic strategies. In this mode, players have to reach 120 points and are not limited to either black or white puck. This makes it easier for new players to practice different shots and strategies.

2. Avoid unnecessary fouls

If your striker ends up in a pocket it would result in a foul. This means that you will lose any puck you pocketed in that strike but also have to lose your last puck as a penalty. This can turn your game upside down and make you lose a winning game. So be careful to avoid this mistake.

3. Play the Paris Beginners Lobby

Paris Stage Carrom Pool

To join a lobby players must pay an entry fee for each match. However, new players don’t have a lot of coins to pay for these lobbies. Therefore, it is highly recommended that players stick to the Paris lobby for a while as not only does it have low entry fees requirement but is also filled with new players of similar skill level.

4. Tips to get the Queen in Carrom Pool

A queen can turn the game around but it is important to know the correct strategy to go after it. Players should make sure to only go after the queen when there is a sure chance to pocket a puck on the next strike. Players should always be on the lookout for when both the queen and the puck are in an easy position to pocket.

Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Carrom Pool Beginners Guide for tips!

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