Champions Legion: The Complete Map guide

Learn all about the CL mini map!

Unlike any other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Champions Legion has the same characteristics and features every MOBA resembles. In addition to that, the CL map has some extra features. In this guide, we will focus on the entire map in Champions Legion. One of the best ways to win every single match in MOBA is to have a perfect map sense. It’s not only about going for kills, pushing turrets, and clearing lanes. Having a good map sense will help you in landing perfect kills, farm, and other objectives to win. Here in this guide, we will cover up the map to give you a perfect start in the game.

Analyzing the Mini Map

A MOBA map consists of- 

  1. Lanes
  2. Spires
  3. Fountain
  4. Minions
  5. Monsters
Champions Legion Map Guide
The world of Doreria 

The map comprises all these five things. In this guide, we will go in-depth about things that are included in the map. Watch out these basic fundamentals which you need to keep in mind.


The red arrows indicate the lanes, for both sides of the map. The map has three lanes namely,

  1. Top Lane ( Side Lane)
  2. Mid Lane
  3. Bottom Lane (Side Lane)
Champions Legion Map Guide

Top Lane

The top lane, also known as offlane ( Offensive Lane). Obviously the top lane for you is the bottom lane for the enemy. The reason we know it as Offensive Lane is that the hero has to hold the lane, clear the waves, and farm, all on his own. Usually, a warrior is assigned this lane.

Mid Lane

The red arrow in the middle of the map shows the Mid Lane. The middle lane is the same for both teams. It divides the top and bot lane equally. In addition, this lane connects the fountains of both teams in a straight path. Most of the time it is occupied by mage and assassins. Generally, Farm-based heroes don’t take this lane. Well, because of fewer chances of gold earnings, which will ultimately leave them behind in terms of gold.

Bottom Lane

The bottom lane is also known as Safe Lane. This one is the top lane for the enemy. The reason telling it as the Safe Lane is because it is mostly for a marksman who is accompanied by a tank. Also, the tank helps in farming the damage dealer and protecting them. As it is the top lane for the enemy, it’s 2vs1 out there. So there is less chance of dying because the tank is out there to protect you.


NO.2 marked in the map

 Spires are the defensive towers which restrict the entrance of enemies inside your territory by attacking them. The three lanes are equipped with spires. Each lane comprises three spires equally powerful. However, the spire won’t attack you if your minions are inside it. The spire attacks them first, then the hero. Another key point is that the turrets deal true damage, which ignores your defense items. All the spires except the main base spire have 2500 hp.


NO.1 marked in the map

The fountain is the spawning point of your hero. On top of that, it grants hp and debuffs your hero when you step inside it. Whenever you recall from the battlefield, your hero respawns inside the fountain. But keep in mind, if you step inside the enemy’s fountain you will drastically lose your hp.


The small square box figures in each line indicate the minions

Minions are your troops deployed into the battlefield, controlled by AI. Basically, the minions move in all three lanes periodically and spawn after 5 seconds after the game starts. They attack the nearby enemy hero and minions. However, if there’s none of them, then they attack the enemy spire.


The jungle in the minimap contains a lot of monsters around. Each monster has unique attributes, exp points, and gold awards. Moreover, they provide a special buff for a limited period of time. To have these attributes and other rewards, you have to kill them. The monsters appear periodically, both on your side and the enemy side. Let’s have a closer look at them.


Champions Legion Map Guide Typhon

NO.6 marked in the map

  • Killing Typhon upgrades your next three waves of creeps.
  • Typhon’s Curse: Deal 50% less damage to Typhon, Typhon’s Limb, Tartarus, and Divine Sentry.

Zealot Golem


NO.7 marked in the map

  • Critical AoE damage every 2 seconds with a basic attack
  • 10% Lifesteal 
  • Duration: 70 seconds for respawn 
  • Buff Duration is 35 seconds when killed

Sage Golem


NO.3 marked in the map

  • +10% Skills Cooldown Reduction 
  • Regain 2% Max MP per second  
  • Duration: 70 seconds to respawn
  • Buff Duration is 35 seconds when killed

Lantern Carp

Champions Legion Map Guide Carp

The yellow box around the blue triangle

  • Red, Blue, and Purple in color
  • Red: +50% Damage for 25 seconds 
  • Blue: 80% Cooldown Reduction for 25 seconds
  • Purple: Become invisible for 25 seconds enemies in 900 range will have a notice on them.
  • Invisible will dispel when there is an enemy in 600 range

Divine Sentry

Champions Legion Map Guide Sentry

No.4 Enemy Divine Sentry
No.5 Ally Divine Sentry

  • Gain permanent enhancement with each stack after killing it.
  • Stack 1: 6% Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense
  • Stack 2: 5% Cooldown reduction
  • Stack 3: 10% Max Health
  • Stack 4 and more: Doubles Buff Effect of stack 1 to 3 for 90 seconds

Typhon’s Limb

Typhon's Limb
  • Typhon’s Limb will upgrade your next wave of creeps.
  • Buff: (Typhon’s Curse) Deal 50% less damage to Typhon, Typhon’s Limb, Tartarus, and Divine Sentry.



Tartarus Buff: Immediately grants a one-time quick regen. BUFF (interruptible), +160 Physical Attack, +240 Magic Attack, and +30% Max Health.

Final Thoughts

By all means, the above map guide will help you to have a good start in the match in Champions Legion. Particularly, you will have a good map sense and map control. However, after a few matches, you will have a broader idea about it. It covers each and every element of the map and properly describes them. Have a thorough look and be victorious in the battleground.

That’s all for today’s guide about the map in Champions Legion. Do you have any doubts or questions regarding the CL minimap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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