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Chimeraland Beginners Guide and Tips

Gather, Compete for resources and Explore the wild

Chimeraland is one of those games heavily based on mythology and can bring out the imagination in just about anyone. It is also similar to classic RPG games, but this one adds in lots of elements for the gameplay and the storyline. With developers enhancing the combat mechanics to the game, it will only get better over time and would even grab the attention of a lot of people, gamers or not, to download and try the game out itself. Without further ado, here is a beginners guide to Chimeraland that starting, new or returning players could use when they want to get into the game immediately.

Gameplay overview

Players are able to choose from a total of 18 races in Chimeraland. Players have free will to be anyone they would want to be. And to be honest, there is not much of a difference in terms of function on the physical side between these races unlike in some games such as Skyrim for example. There are races like sea creatures that can even drown in water, and those with wings cannot necessarily fly on their own. Players would need mounts or other ways to travel across the sky.

 As a result, players can simply make their decisions only on the basis of their personal aesthetic tastes. There are ten different sizes within one race, which are then separated by age and gender. Players can begin working on the finer details of their appearances after they have settled on all of the above.

Chimerland beginners guide - gameplay overview
Chimerland beginners guide (Image via Level Infinite)

The player’s appearance data could be saved as a code that players can use again if deemed necessary. If players need to use a specific appearance data code, keep in mind that it must be applied to an avatar of the exact same race and size.

One essential tip to take note of is that characters who are younger in terms of their age would have smaller appearances and that would scale up with the age as well. This would also mean that the younger a character is, the harder they would be to hit when it comes to PvP matches in Chimeraland.

Chimeraland Beginners Guide : Tips and Tricks

1. Choose a birthplace that is best suited

As the player’s birthplace, this is the location where the player’s characters are born, players can choose from up to three factions (West-mount, East-mount, or South-mount). Players also have the option to either follow the brief introduction or whichever their heart desires because the three continents are nearly identical in a lot of aspects.

Although the is one issue is that players find difficult and that is to traverse continents; It would seem that the characters are not used to dealing with cross-continental connections. Either that or the developers would have intended it that way for a challenge in the game. 

chimeraland gameplay characters
Image via Level Infinite

If players do not follow certain procedures when traveling to other continents, there would be a good possibility of getting into trouble. As a result, it is recommended that players and their friends pick the same continent, as this will facilitate teamwork and encourage it as well.

2. Get familiarized with the system and follow Mission Lists

It is highly recommended that players begin their journey in Chimeraland by going through the main mission lists and learning how to use all of the system’s features. This would make running through the game much smoother and easier in the long run. One tip to remember is that players can always go to the main menu then hit guide so they could learn more about the whole system if there would be any more questions.

Players will then learn how to build a camp, gather resources, obtain mounts, cook, and learn fighting skills through the use of the Game Pod as well. Players will also get to know how to catch some pets, build their own homes, and eventually much more.

After accomplishing all of those main assignments, players should now have some weapons, a horse, and of course, a home. Just like a lot of RPGs, this is one is kind of an open world and what players can do is limited to their imagination.

3. Setting up your Home

Using the main mission lists as a guide will show players how to build up their homes from the first step up to the last. And if players wish to build their homes in some fantastic or vantage spots, they can always have a few travels around the map before laying down the foundation for their homes.

chimeraland scenery gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

Although, it is not recommended that players should be totally concerned about this because players can move at any time throughout their playthrough. Now, when it comes to some recommended sites to build a home, to each their own, and traveling to find a favorable spot is just as easy. Just about anything is quite possible in the game and building a home would only be the start of it all.

There are some players who would prefer to live in treehouses, while others dream of excavating a little dungeon or a cave and then wind up having some sort of secret entrance. There is also an option that can have players live almost as accurately as living in the sky. Players can choose to live on some floating mountains. These mountains can be found in the South-mount part of the map if ever players would choose to put up their homes there.

4. Make use of the Mini Map

Traveling can be quite tedious in the game but that does not mean the exploration and adventure have to get boring. There are many ways to go about traveling and one way to be aware of the surroundings is for players to go on ahead and check out the minimap when they can.

Chimerland horse mini map
Image via Level Infinite

This mini-map can be quite handy and can also help players with their hand-eye coordination as well. One trait that can be very useful throughout the game and can help players get out of tough situations if ever they would get into one.

5. Remember to keep exploring around the Map

It is advisable that players should practice the art of summoning mounts because they can help players speed up their journeys. Players have the option to swiftly summon their pets and attendants by pressing the whistle symbol in the upper right corner of the main screen. Players also have the ability to simply summon the pet or only the attendant if they would press the symbol for a longer time.

Chimeraland map exploring
Chimeraland map exploring (Image via Level Infinite)

Leoparbeak is undoubtedly one of the fastest pets that players get to use as a mount on land.  Additionally, It has the potential to evolve into a rare noble pet. This would turn into Minkrat in the future, and it is highly recommended that players should raise one.

If players happen to come across some exceptionally tall structures, players should try to approach them and put up a light. This is what is called the Central Pillar. It is called such because when players activate it, they can now see the adjacent part of the map and can even teleport while using it.

Chimerland beginners guide gameplay
Chimerland beginners guide (Image via Level Infinite)

While exploring Chimeraland, it can be quite possible that players would end up being stranded. Now if this occurs, players can use Unstuck to free their selves. This function will take players to the Central Pillar that is the nearest to the player and remove all the hassle that players would normally have in a sticky situation and also reduce travel time.

6. Learn to evolve the floating Whale

As a first-day login gift, the game would automatically gift players with a whale or a Cloud Drune as it is called in the game. This can easily be one of a player’s go-to pets and is recommended that they train and raise one. This whale will be given as an egg and as some would have guessed, players will have to hatch the egg in order for them to reap the rewards. There would be a time where players would unlock a Hatcher that can be placed in their respective homes. This is one essential part of raising a floating whale. The hatcher will then be part of the login gift and players will have to incubate the egg in it while they start their adventuring.

chimeraland animals
chimeraland animals (Image via Level Infinite)

The next step is to acquire a Darkfrost Pill from day 2 of the game’s login sessions. Coming up next is for players to find the NPC called Hodei. This may seem confusing at first, but players can always refer to this guide when they have or find the chance to return to it.

The NPC Hodei can be found in any of the humanoid tribes and is essential for the evolution of the Cloud Drune into a Darkfrost Drune. These pets can massively help out players in the long run and are well worth the effort and wait. As long as players put in that kind of effort, the game is sure to reward them with the pets themselves and maybe, even more, when it comes to the whole adventure.

7. Fully exlpore your Home

A player’s home is the most significant aspect of this game. Everything can be done right at the home. This includes building, crafting, forging, smelting, and many more.

As players would progress through the levels of their respective homes, additional objects will become available. Furniture, weapons, machines, and decorations are some of the items that would available through the upgrading of a player’s home. Now, as players would update their homes, the height and width of the building space will also grow. To upgrade a player’s home, they would need a few goods and building points. After successfully completing a mission, players will then receive building points.

Players can also see how many points they would eventually gain by looking at the item’s description. Additionally, players can also collect the necessary components for the upgrade by crafting, building, and also exploring.

8. Know the basics of Exploration

When players would eventually get started, they should for cutting as much wood as they can, gather as much fiber as they possibly can, and also, mine as many stones as they can within the area. All of these resources will be highly useful in all aspects of the game. A good point to remember is to find a comfortable seat on the couch or at a table if the player would wind up getting hurt. Doing so will massively improve the player’s mood and that of their respective pets as well.

9. Find and activate the Central Pillar

These central pillars can grant access to more areas of the map as well as the ability to teleport. These can be quite useful if players wish to go to farther areas and at a fast pace. There is a map in the top left corner of the screen where players can easily find the location of tribes, pillars, and pet evolution. To teleport to a specific pillar, use the map. With the position option, players can also mark them and trace them down.

Chimerland beginners guide
(Image via Level Infinite)


Chimeraland is definitely a fun and rapidly growing game. With graphics and visuals coming in close to those of Skyrim and Genshin Impact, this game can definitely hold its own in that department. Not only that but the developers also put in a code and redeem system that can definitely help out players, both old and new, when it comes to getting valuable resources and other kinds of help.

Discovering a huge open world is one thing but to do it on a mobile phone is quite revolutionary and can only mean greater things for the game, developers, and the companies involved. This is one game where players can easily get lost in the world, especially with how immersive it can be.

Nonetheless, it could make for countless minutes or hours of playing and fun while being the best adventurer players can be. It would be worth it to check out, download, play the game to experience how great it can be and for players to experience much more than a regular RPG or MMO game for the whole world to see. That’s all for the basic tips and tricks, if you find it difficult progressing in the game, you can always fall back to this Chimeraland Beginners Guide for help.

That’s all for today’s Chimeraland beginners guide. Did you find our Chimeraland beginners guide helpful? 

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