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Chimeraland Guide: Tips to obtain Equipment quickly in the game

Obtain your equipments quickly in Chimeraland

Chimeraland is a unique sandbox RPG that takes place in an open universe. If there are players struggling to get some equipment or great loot from exploring all around Chimeraland, then this is the perfect guide to go to. It is perfect for newer players and those just starting off with the genre. Players can always feel free to experiment on how they collect some equipment as Chimeraland is primarily a role-playing game.

How to gather the equipments in Chimeraland

With a lot of games coming out recently, it would only be natural that there be some level of difficulty so that players could thoroughly enjoy the game itself. Without this kind of difficulty, players could easily abuse the system and continue on moving through the ranks and progressing all throughout the game. With that in mind, the developers have made some adjustments in order to make sure this does not happen, for most of the time at least.

Chimeraland equipment guide
Image via Level Infinite

In doing such, there is now a system in Chimeraland that is similar to a loot system. Players can then loot some beasts they have slain and take some of the resources that are available on those beasts. Other than that, there are also many other ways to go about gathering equipment easily in Chimeraland. It would just take some patience and a bit of hard work for players to reap their rewards and get their just desserts after a hard playthrough’s work.

Equipment can range from weapons up to armor. This equipment can help boost a player’s stats and survivability all throughout the game. This would ensure that players get the gear that they need and would not hinder much of the game’s progress for the players. Players should also be wary of the way they have to make sure they are able to keep upgrading their stats, armor, and weapons while they progress. This is essential as the game would get harder, later on, players would only get stronger and better.

Chimerland equipment basics

Right at the start of the game, the tutorial and the game would then teach players how to put on their equipment. Regardless of how and which character the players would choose, the tutorial remains the same and what is given to players would also remain the same. Keeping this in mind, some equipment can then be crafted when looting certain areas of the game.

Chimeraland equipment guide
Image via Level Infinite

This can range from beasts or even from the rewards that players would get from certain quests all throughout. It would be also great to know that there are also other ways to get some good and leveled equipment aside from grinding in this way. This will be discussed in the next part.

What are Totem Challenges and why they are important in Chimeraland

Essentially, this part would be where all the better equipment could come from. Players can also attain the help of other players to make things run much easier and smoother when it comes to course through the challenge. Without much delay, players would have the task of completing some Totem Challenges. These challenges are not normal beast-slaying options as the beasts that players would have to face are much tougher and stronger. With their stats usually being boosted, it would only be fitting for it to be called a challenge.

In these Totem Challenges, players would then have a set time and number of stages to get through. The main objective of them is to defeat the prey, players have their work cut out for them as the number of prey they have to face would be increased in number. This is a good reason for players to ask for assistance when they can because facing all at once can prove to be quite difficult.

chimeraland scenery gameplay
Chimeraland Equipment Guide (Image via Level Infinite)

If and when players do succeed when it comes to the Totem Challenges, the challenges themselves would then produce Treasure Chests. Now, these are not the normal treasure chests where there would only be gold or game currency. These chests are they to picking up good to even great equipment for players’ journeys moving forward. Players can then feel free to enter Totem Challenges every now and again if ever they would feel the need to have more armor, weapons or resources should the time come.

While some Totem Challenges may prove to be harder, that would only mean better equipment would become the players’ way. Be sure to know when Totem Challenges are up and just hope for the best when players would receive those treasure chests.

That’s all for today’s Chimeraland guide on how to obtain equipment. Did you find it helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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