Chrome Valley Customs Beginners Guide and Tips

Enjoy building your best cars and customize them as much as you want!

Chrome Valley Customs is a car customization game that allows you to restore, tune, customize, and trade various types of cars. The game is set in a fictional town called Chrome Valley, where you can work your way up from a small garage to a successful car customization business. This Chrome Valley Customs Beginners Guide will help newbies get accustomed to the game and make the start of the game much easier.

This game features a variety of gameplay mechanics, including match-3 puzzles, racing levels, and car customization. You can use match-3 puzzles to earn money and resources to restore and customize your cars. Racing levels allow you to test their cars’ performance against other players. And car customization also allows you to change the appearance of your cars, including the paint job, wheels, and interior. If you’re new to the game and want some freebies, check out the available redeem codes in the game. Also, check out our tier list to get insights about the characters who will help you to customize and design cars.

Chrome Valley Customs: Gameplay Overview

The game begins in a town named Chrome Valley and soon you get to meet Uncle Hawk, Garage owner; Donna, Engine Specialist and Big Rig, Mechanic. The storyline goes such that they introduce you as the new member of the garage and then the game continues after the customization of your character. Your first customer will be Taylor and you have to make him a car for his wedding anniversary.

Following this you will get to know about gold coins (in-game currency) and how to fix cars. These methods are Strop Down and Assess, Replace Front Fenders, Fix Quarter Panel, Replacing Front Bumper, and Removing the Engine. You can even customize the car based on different parts:

  • 1970 Colt Stock: These factory-stock panels are perfect for any authentic restoration
  • Flared Stock: Rolling out the wheel arches helps in giving the car a muscular look to customer’s satisfaction
  • Vented Arches: These custom panels give the car an outrageous look that stands out on the streets.

Play the match 3 puzzles to earn more coins for designing cars. Further, you can customize wheels using Steel Cutout, Vintage Steel, 5-Spoke Alloys, and other parts as you explore the game further.

Chrome Valley Customs Overview
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Once you have completed this tutorial, you will be able to start playing the game. You will start with a small garage and a few cars. As you play the game, you will earn money and resources, which you can use to restore and customize your cars. You can also purchase new cars from the garage.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new match-3 puzzles and racing levels. You will also be able to level up your cars, which will make them faster and more powerful. With idealistic gameplay, creative strategy, engaging modes, and customization options, Chrome Valley Customs delivers exciting gameplay for car enthusiasts.

Chrome Valley Customs Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Mastering the mechanism of the 3-Game Challenge

The 3-Game Challenge is a special event in Chrome Valley Customs that allows players to earn bonus rewards. The challenge is simple: complete three consecutive match-3 puzzles without losing. If you succeed, you will earn a bonus reward, such as gold coins, gems, or a new car. The 3-Game Challenge is a great way to earn bonus rewards and progress through the game. It is also a fun challenge that tests players’ skills and strategies.

To complete the 3-Game Challenge, you will need to use all of your skills and knowledge of the game. You will need to match icons quickly and efficiently, and you will need to use power-ups wisely. You will also need to be careful not to make any mistakes, as even one mistake could cost you the challenge. This is not easy, but it is possible to complete it with a little practice. If you are up for a challenge, then the 3-Game Challenge is worth trying.

Chrome Valley Customs match 3
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The 3-Game Challenge is a recurring event in Chrome Valley Customs, and it is always a popular event among players. The challenge is a great way to test your skills and earn some bonus rewards. The difficulty of the 3-Game Challenge Challenge increases as you progress through the game. In the early stages, the challenge is relatively easy, but as you get further into the game, the challenge becomes much more difficult.

If you are struggling to complete the 3-Game Challenge Challenge, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success. First, make sure you have a good understanding of the game mechanics. Second, practice regularly so that you can become more familiar with the challenges. Finally, use power-ups wisely to give yourself an edge. The 3-Game Challenge is a great way to test your skills and earn some bonus rewards. If you are looking for a challenge, then the 3-Game Challenge is worth trying.

Customizing Car in Chrome Valley Customs

Customization and restoration are two of the most important aspects of Chrome Valley Customs. You can customize your cars in a variety of ways, including changing the paint job, wheels, interior, and performance parts. Restoration is the process of bringing a car back to its original condition.

Chrome Valley Customs Repairing Car
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There are a few different ways to customize cars in Chrome Valley Customs. Players can purchase customization items from the garage, or they can earn customization items by completing match-3 puzzles, racing levels, and daily challenges. To restore a car, players need to collect the necessary parts and then use those parts to repair the car.

Parts can be found in the garage, or they can be earned by completing match-3 puzzles, racing levels, and daily challenges. Customization and restoration are both important aspects of Chrome Valley Customs. Customization allows players to personalize their cars, while restoration allows players to bring classic cars back to life.

Managing your Resources in Chrome Valley Customs

In Chrome Valley Customs, there are three types of currency: gold coins, gems, and lives. Gold coins are the most common currency and can be earned by completing match-3 puzzles, racing levels, and daily challenges. They are used to purchase new cars, customize existing ones, and buy power-ups. On the other hand, gems are rarer and can be earned through special events, watching ads, or real-money purchases. They are used for acquiring rare cars, unlocking customization options, and skipping waiting times.

Chrome Valley Customs Currencies
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In addition to gold coins and gems, there are lives, which are used to play levels. A full set of lives means having five available. If you lose in the puzzle you will lose a life and this currency will regenerate over time. So, if you find yourself out of life, just take a break, and when you come back later, you’ll likely have some lives regenerated and ready to use.


Boosters make it easier to conquer levels in the game. I’ve found that you can acquire them using gems during gameplay or buy them from the shop. Additionally, boosters can be earned through different events. One great advantage of boosters is that they can be used during gameplay without affecting your move count!

Chrome Valley Customs Boosters
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There are several types of boosters you can use to your advantage. The Hammer allows you to tap any object to smash it and becomes available at level 8. The Saw, which unlocks at level 27, lets you tap any object to clear its entire row. The Jack is available at level 37 and lets you tap any object to clear its entire column. Finally, the Dice, which unlocks at level 45, shuffles all the objects on the board when used. These boosters can significantly help you clear challenging levels more efficiently and with greater ease.

Power Ups and Combinations

In my experience, power-ups are crucial in this game, helping you clear tiles and advance through levels. Here’s a simple guide on how to create and use these power-ups effectively:


  • Horizontal Rocket: Match four tokens in a horizontal line to create this power-up. When you tap it, it clears all tiles in its row.
  • Vertical Rocket: Match four tokens in a vertical line to get this power-up. Tapping it clears all tiles in its column.
  • Engine Fan: Formed by matching four tokens in a square. This power-up, when tapped, removes one random object on the board.
  • Bomb: Created by matching five tokens in an L or T shape. When activated, it removes a significant number of tokens around it.
  • Turbo: Match five tokens in a line to get this versatile power-up. Swipe it onto a piece to remove all tokens of that color on the board. Alternatively, tapping it removes all tokens of the most prevalent color on the board. It can also be combined with other power-ups for even more powerful effects.
Chrome Valley Customs Power Ups
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Combining power-ups leads to more powerful effects, helping you clear more tiles efficiently:

  • Rocket + Rocket: Clears both the row and column where the rockets are combined.
  • Rocket + Bomb: Clears three rows and three columns around the combination point.
  • Bomb + Bomb: Clears all items within a four-tile radius of the combination point.
  • Engine Fan + Engine Fan: Creates three Engine Fans that each clear a random game element and adjacent tiles.
  • Engine Fan + Rocket/Bomb: The Engine Fan carries the Rocket or Bomb to a random tile, and upon taking off, it clears neighboring tiles.
  • Turbo + Power-Up: When combined with a Rocket, Bomb, or Engine Fan, the Turbo power-up turns the most common colored tokens on the board into the combined power-up type.
  • Turbo + Turbo: This powerful combination clears all tokens on the board and removes one layer from any game element present.

Chrome Valley Customs Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some Chrome Valley Customs Beginners Guide for the newbies:

1. Start at the bottom

Try focusing on matching tiles at the bottom of the board. This can trigger cool chain reactions, creating more matches and unlocking power-ups. Keep an eye out for opportunities to make special tiles, like rockets or bombs, by matching tiles in different ways. It’s a neat trick that helps clear bigger areas and makes the game more fun.

2. Use your power-ups wisely

Save your power-ups and boosters for tough levels or when you’re low on moves. Use them wisely by combining them strategically to clear many tiles at once. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you. Keep them for critical moments, like when you’ve tried a level multiple times without success, you’re almost out of moves, there’s only one power-up or tool available, or you have fewer than three moves left.

3. Look for your move limits

As you move forward in the game, always keep an eye on the number of moves you have. Before starting a level, I always check both the goal and the available moves. This helps me plan how to tackle the level and increases my chances of success. Some levels can be tough, with high goals and few moves.

4. Complete the Daily Challenges

Make sure to complete the daily challenges to earn bonus rewards. These challenges not only offer extra prizes but also provide an opportunity to hone your skills and discover new strategies. By tackling these daily tasks, you not only boost your in-game resources but also sharpen your gameplay abilities, making you better equipped to handle tougher levels in the future.

5. Save your Gems for rare Cars and Customization items

Gems are a rare currency, so it is important to save them for when you need them. Moreover, many times you would require them, to use in important places where you would not find a substitute for gems. So think before spending any gems.

Final Thoughts

Chrome Valley Customs is a fun and challenging car customization game that offers a variety of gameplay mechanics and social features. You can customize your favorite car, spend coins, play match-3 puzzles, and so on. Racing levels allow you to test your car’s performance against other players. You can even trade cars and compete in online challenges.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun and challenging car customization game, then Chrome Valley Customs is worth checking out. If you are new to the game always go through our Chrome Valley Customs Beginners Guide before beginning your journey.

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