Chrome Valley Customs Character Tier list for May 2024

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Chrome Valley Customs is a car customization game where you are not just restoring cars but also playing games to fill up coins and gems. In this game, you take up the role of a new mechanic at Chrome Valley Customs, a garage that specializes in restoring vintage cars. Your job in this game is to restore tune, customize, and trade classic rides to earn the title of master mechanic. This Chrome Valley Customs Character tier list will list down all the characters who will help you in your mechanic journey.

The characters in Chrome Valley Customs are a diverse and colorful bunch. There’s the wise old mechanic, the young apprentice, the quirky parts supplier, and the paint expert who loves to help out around the garage. Each character has a unique personality, and they all contribute to the game’s fun and laid-back atmosphere. If you’re new to the game, make sure to check out our beginners guide to get some tips and have a good start. Don’t forget to check out the available redeem codes for more rewards!

Chrome Valley Customs Character Tier List for May 2024

This character tier will help you to identify characters who will help you to customize and design cars. So, let’s find the characters and further divide them into categories. Chrome Valley Customs character tier list’s classifications are SS, S, A, and B:

Overpowered (SS)Uncle Hawk (Garage Owner),
Donna (Engine Specialist)
Denny (Former Police Officer)
Strong (S)Big Rig (Mechanic)Alfred
Good (A)Angelo (Paint Expert)Sal
Fair (B)Gabi (Deal Maker)Bryan

Best Characters in Chrome Valley Customs for May 2024

Based on the gameplay, we have noted down the top 5 characters in this game who will guide and help you the most in this game:

1. Uncle Hawk

Chrome Valley Customs character 1
Image via Space Ape

Uncle Hawk is the wise old mechanic and owner of Chrome Valley Customs. He’s been in the business for decades, and he knows everything there is to know about classic cars. He’s a bit of a gruff old guy, but he has a heart of gold. He’s a wise old sage, a tough but fair boss, and a loyal friend. He’s a great addition to the game, and he helps to make it a truly memorable experience.

2. Donna

Chrome Valley Customs character 2
Image via Space Ape

Donna is the engine specialist at Chrome Valley Customs. She’s a brilliant mechanic with a passion for engines. She is a valuable asset to Chrome Valley Customs. She’s very efficient and she’s always willing to go the extra mile. She’s a great addition to the game, and she helps to make it a truly memorable experience.

3. Big Rig

Chrome Valley Customs character 3
Image via Space Ape

Big Rig is the muscle-bound mechanic at Chrome Valley Customs. He’s a tough guy with a heart of gold. He’s always willing to help out a young mechanic. He’s a valuable asset to Chrome Valley Customs, and he’s always willing to go the extra mile.

4. Denny

Former Police Officer Denny is a character in the game Chrome Valley Customs. He brings his 2009 Coleman Colt to the shop for repairs. The car was gifted to him by his co-workers when he retired from the police force.

Chrome Valley Customs character4
Image via Space Ape

If you’re looking for a challenge, we recommend taking on Denny’s Coleman Colt. It’s a project that will require all of your skills, but it’s also a project that will be incredibly rewarding in the end.

5. Alfred

Alfred is a mysterious character who brings his car, a Dalton S6, to Chrome Valley Customs for repairs. He claims to have found the car in a lake, but there is something suspicious about his story.

Chrome Valley Customs charater5
Image via Space Ape

Later we may come to know that he might be linked with the scandal case with Christo. However, further updates with this story will be notified in the upcoming version.

Final Thoughts

Uncle Hawk, Donna, and Big Rig are just a few of the many memorable characters in Chrome Valley Customs. These characters are more than just colorful background figures; they are real people with their hopes, dreams, and fears. They help to make the game feel more immersive and realistic, and they make the players feel like they are part of a close-knit community.

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