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Chronicle of Infinity Guide: Tips to make your Character more powerful

Make yourself invincible!

Chronicle of Infinity is an exciting action MMORPG game that will let you play as a guardian of Astral Alliance to protect it from the Obsidian Army. You have to survive being your character as the only one of your kin to strengthen your power throughout your journey, finish every task, and defeat every enemy that will test your durability. Our Chronicle of Infinity guide will give you a good insight into making your character more powerful in no time.

In Chronicle of Infinity, it is important to have a stronger character with suitable battle power since each stage requires minimum battle power to measure your capability to clear the stage. You can strengthen yourself by gathering every source from the main quest. However, it will take longer before you reach your maximum potential.

How to make your character powerful in Chronicle of Infinity

1. Gain multiple resources through the Blitz

Chronicle of Infinity

After finishing each stage, you will get a set of resources as a reward that you will need to raise your battle power. However, some specific items will only appear in particular stages, and it will take your time. However, you can use Blitz mode to clear the stage in no time, with equal rewards. It will need some energy to blitz, so watch your energy stock.

2. Finish off your Side Quests

side quest

Side quests are additional quests that will appear after you reach specific requirements during your journey, and it is not affecting your main quest, but they will give you a huge amount of resources and equipped items. So, make sure that you finish the side quest as well.

3. Craft more Items

Chronicle of Infinity character

You can craft items through the workshop to gain better items. You can craft items freely through craft coupons or use your diamonds. There are two craft modes, a general craft, and a special craft. You can craft legendary items through special crafts, and you can craft general items that you can use to increase your item’s stars.

4. Enhance your Items

There are three ways to enhance your items. First, you can augment your items. Augmenting items can be done when you reach the designated level, and your augment item levels will follow your character level. The second is by refining them.

Chronicle of Infinity powerful character

To refine your items, you will need specific material to get through the main campaign. The third is by ranking them up. You will need to rank up the stone that you can get in the shop or through a treasure hunt to do so.

5. Combine your Items

Chronicle of infinity character

You can have more than one similar item at the same time. You can combine those items to increase their star levels to keep vacant spaces. Once it reaches maximum stars, you can forge them into better ranks, as general items will upgrade into epic items, and epic will upgrade into mythic.

Final Thoughts

The key to ensuring your smooth victory during your journey in Chronicle of Infinity is to strengthen your battle power. You have to check any available upgrades that you can do once the requirements are fulfilled, and you have to spare no expense with your item, so keep checking your backpack and utilize them to unlock your maximum potential.

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