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Citampi Stories: Love Life: Tips to get Fishing Rope and catch Fish in the game

Here's how to fish in Citampi Stories: Love Life!

Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG is a simulation game with a pixel theme developed by Ikan Asin Production. This game tells about a person who decides his life to travel to the city of Citampi to find money because his family is in debt and will soon be billed by debt collectors. In Citampi Stories: Love Life, there are many things you can do, one of which is fishing. Fishing requires a tool called Fishing Pole, how do you get it? Here’s a guide on how to catch Fish and get Fishing Pole.

How to get a Fishing Pole in Citampi Stories: Love Life

Citampi Stories: Love Life fishing
Image via Ikan Asin Production

A Fishing Pole is a tool used for fishing. This fishing pole will be given by Mr. Meet when you already have 2 hearts from him. But how to get 2 hearts from him? You can talk to him to get 1 relationship point or you can give him a gift, we recommend giving steak because Mr. Tatang liked it very much.

How to catch Fish in Citampi Stories: Love Life

Citampi Stories: Love Life fishing
Image via Ikan Asin Production

To catch fish, you need to go to a fishing spot first, such as rivers, ditches, ponds, and ponds. If you are already in the spot, tap the fishing pole, then pull. If you get a fish, you will go to a mini-game, in the mini-game you are asked to position a bubble to always be on the fish until the bar on the left is full. However, if you are not lucky you will only get the trash.

Spots and schedule for Fishing

  24 HourCarp,
Cork Fish,
Broom Fish
Sepat Fish,
Betok Fish, E
Mujair Fish,
Arowana, Koi
  Morning  Tutut,
Etong FishZebra Fish,
Bala-bala Fish
Rainbow Fish, Flowerhorn Fish
Belida, Piranha
Bala-bala Fish
Rainbow Fish, Golden Conch

How to sell Fish in Citampi Stories: Love Life

The fish that you have caught will automatically enter your inventory, if your inventory is full it will be put into your storage box. Then you can sell this fish to Mr. Tatang’s Stall in Area 1, by tapping the shop, then selecting sell, then choose which fish you want to sell, and sell for Rc

Final Thoughts

That’s the way to get fishing poles, catch fish, schedule some fish spots, and sell them in Citampi Stories: Love Life. The thing you need to start with is making friends with Mr. Tatang, because he will give you some interesting items when he gets his heart.

That’s all from us for the Citampi Stories: Love Life Fishing Guide! Did you find our guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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